Carving Projects

We have a large selection of carving Projects

Small kits with wood + carving instructions  from $1.00 and up

Book – Quick & cute carving projects + 4 eggs $29.95

Book – First Projects for woodcarvers + 2 boots cut out  $20.95

Book – Carving Little Guys + pieces of wood for projects  $15.95

Book- Carve and paint Junco  + feet, eyes & cutout  $39.95

Assorted Bird kits with feet, eyes, pattern & cutout (under wood on site)

Bag of assorted small basswood pieces $10.00

Bag of assorted small kits with wood & instructions  $10.00

Just starting out we have a beginners Kit $56.95 (includes thumb guard, strop, knife and glove)

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