Feature Items for the Week

Sanding Drum Complete Kit $32.95

Use on Drill press or drill


2″ X  1  1/2″ Sanding Drum with 1/4″ Shank

one each 120, 320 & 500 grit sanding Sleeves

Leather Honing Sleeve and Abrasive Stick

Assorted Foredom Ceramic Purple Sanding Bands and mandels

Universal Angle Guide $21.95

The Surgi-Sharp SS10 Universal Angle Guide turns the standard 1″ sander into a very precise sharpening machine. The angle guide slides onto the platen (the metal bar that is just behind the sanding belt). The guide is held in place by a very strong spring. The sanding belt operates between the base and the angle table.

The guide will provide you with from 10 to 45 sharpening angles. You can indicate on each tool the angle you have chosen from the guide provided on the packaging. Each subsequent sharpening will be the exact angle you specify.






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