Foredom Belt Sander

Foredom’s Belt Sander Attachment comes with a 180 grit belt installed and also includes 3 each of 100, 180, and 240 grit belts. The Belt Sander offers a power assist to sanding jobs and can be used to sand and smooth metal, wood, acrylic and composite materials. It is an all metal, quality-machined aluminum device that attaches with ease over the top of a Foredom H.30® handpiece (also fits H.30SJ slip joint and H.30H square drive models). It has 3 permanently lubricated ball bearings. Sandpaper belts measuring 7mm (9/32″) x 257mm (10-18″) come with the attachment and are available separately in 5-packs and assortments

$102.95 without 30 handpiece

$167.95 with 30 handpiece

we also sell extra belts

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