Moraknil Knife Blade 120


Morakniv is a company with a rich history of great craftsmanship with traditional knife making techniques. Whether they are producing a hunting knife or a kitchen knife, the same detailed work goes into every piece. This blade blank has a 2.3″ cutting edge and is made from laminated steel. The core of laminated steel is a high carbon surrounded by a softer alloyed steel layer. A high hardness can be achieved through hardening, resulting in a knife blade with superior toughness, cutting edge retention and thereby maximum sharpness and longevity.

UPC: 7316220026038
Steel: Laminated Carbon
Total length: 6.5″ (165 mm)
Blade lenght: 2.3″ (59 mm)
Thickness: 2.7 mm
Product weight:1.3 oz. (36 g)
warranty: Limited Lifetime

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