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  • 4 sheets
  • Waxless, greaseless, smudge proof
  • Erasable on sealed surfaces, won’t bleed through paint
  • Cut and use what you need
  • 9″ x 13″

Graphite Transfer paper 12″ x 24″  $3.95 EACH

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Plastic storage cups

Snap on lids

Great for paint, beads, tacks, hardware and other small items

2 cups per pack

Ideal for artist and crafters

1 1/2″ high

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A heavy impasto paste made from marble dust which dries flexible and will not crack. It may be used to produce texture before or during painting and may be mixed directly with palette colours. Texture Paste dries translucent white and may be over-painted if desired. 11 oz bottle

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Matte and Gloss. All varnishes have excellent brushing qualities and may be used inside or out to provide maximum, long term protection. These varnishes dry clear and are non-yellowing. They have excellent corrosion, chemical, scratch and wear resistance 8 oz

$10.95 Each

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8oz Bottle


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Reduces Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours to produce paint with excellent flow control capabilities. Suitable for long strokes, liner work, calligraphy, fine detail and air brushing. Add where thinner paint consistency is required. (Water has a dilutive effect on the pigment and the adhesive qualities of acrylics and should not be used in large amounts). 8oz bottle

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