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Replacement Sanding Belts for the Proxxon Belt Sander BS/E.

Made from high quality aluminum-oxide on tough lightweight cloth backing. For sanding metal, non-ferrous metal, wood and plastic. 13″ X 13/32″ (330 x 10 mm) package of 5

3 packages left (2) 80 grit (1) 180 grit

$5.50 each or buy all three for $14.00 

Regular price $10.00 each

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HSS Serrated Plunge Blade (#28 897)  $10.25

HSS Serrated Plunge Blade (#28 898)  $10.25

Flexiable Scraper (#28 904)  $7.25

HSS Cutting Blade (#28 900)  $19.25


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It is ideal for small to medium carving projects, working on furniture, reconditioning antiques, lino cutting, wood carving, delicate paint removal and working on plaster of Paris. Includes:

• Power Carver MOS
• 3 x Carving Chisels
• Blade removal key
• Instructions
• Storage Case


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Whenever working free hand is difficult or dangerous, here is the solution for the stationary use of MICROMOT hand-held tools. With a tough fiberglass reinforced construction, this tool clamp perfectly fits around the body of our hand-held tools with aluminum-die cast head such as Professional Rotary Tool IB/E, Longneck Angle Grinder LW/E, Belt Sander BSL 115/E and Detail Sander OZI 115/E as well as our Jig Saws STS 12/E and SS 115/E.

The tool clamp is easily clamped via two flaps in a vice. We recommend our Precision Vice FMS 75 or Precision Vice with Clamp FMZ (Vice and Jigsaw not included)

Red-Special-sign Regular USA List Price $15.00

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