New Specials

Galahad (Grey Disc)

$49.95 (reg $64.95)

7/8″ centre hole

Crushed Grit Flat or Rounded Profiles

Tagus Nuts

$2.00 each or buy 3 or more $1.50 each


Sandhill Crane (TF16)  $16.78 (list $19.75)

Falcated Teal Drake (TF450) $10.60 (list $12.50)

Baikal Teal Drake (TF420) $10.60 (list $12.50) Hen (TF421) $10.60 (list $12.50)


5″ DuraDisc™ Carbide Sanding Disc

Hook & Loop Conversion Kit is included FREE with every DuraDisc

$45.00 each (2 or more $30.00 each) Limited supply (regular US price $49.95 each

Small Bee’s Wax pieces

$3.00 each buy 3 or more $1.50 each 

Foredom Platinum Blue (Blue in color. Used with cotton and felt buffs for pre-polishing and cutting down of platinum and other metals. Also for final polishing on acrylics. Made in USA.) $5.50 (regular Price $6.50 US)

Foredom Carnauba Wax (Caramel in color. Used with cotton and felt buffs. It is the hardest natural wax, non-tacky and regarded for its tough and wear resistant qualities. Especially good for producing a high luster on wood and painted surfaces. Made in USA)  $7.50 (regular price $9.20 us)

Grinding Wheel Dresser (1/2″ x 1-3/4″ Diamond impregnated dressing head
• Quickly trues and reconditions the face of worn grinding wheels
• Removes loading and surface glazing
• Sturdy knurled handle) $9.50 (regular price $10.95)



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