Singular name: Patterns & Color Guides


Carving Patterns and Photos by Cam Merkle – Volume 2, Songbirds.

24 different patterns for 20 species of songbirds. Included for each species are great reference photos that you’ll find invaluable when carving and painting your project. Also includes short carving tips to help you avoid common mistakes, as well as a bit of interesting trivia for each species.

Includes patterns and photos for: ◦American Robin
◦Bohemian Waxwing
◦Black-capped Chickadee
◦Blue Grosbeak
◦Brown-headed Cowbird
◦Cedar Waxwing
◦Chestnut-backed Chickadee
◦Clay-coloured Sparrow
◦Costa’s Hummingbird
◦Gray Catbird
◦Gray Jay
◦Least Sandpiper
◦Mountain Bluebird
◦Northern Flicker
◦Red-winged Blackbird
◦Rose-breasted Grosbea
◦Ruby-throated Hummingbird
◦Steller’s Jay
◦Yellow-headed Blackbird
◦Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

44 pages, 163 colour photos. 11×17″ Coil-bound.

by Cam Merkle

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