Carving Marine Mammals with Power



By Frank Russell

This intermediate power carving series continues with a dive into the sea, giving the carver the instruction for creating marine mammals. Step-by-step instructions, sequential photos, working drawings and patterns, and color schematics lead the woodworker through the completion of the carving process and to a painted finish. The process of carving the manatee figure is displayed in detail from pattern to completed piece. Detailed painting instructions for 16 project plans (21 total carvings) includeSperm, Humpback, Blue, Bowhead, and Pilot Whales, as well as a Beluga,Narwhal, Killer Whale, Manatee, Bottlenose Dolphin, Walrus, ElephantSeal, Northern Sea Lion, Sea Otter, and Polar Bear. This informative volume will bring enjoyment and instruction to the intermediate and the advanced woodcarver. Additional resources include a glossary of anatomical and biological terms, and an overview of carving bits and tips on shaping and texturing.