Foredom Duplex Spring Adapter


HP775 Duplex Adapter is for use with our standard key tip style shafting and key tip style handpieces. It turns any key tip style handpiece, including the popular H.30® and H.44T, into a duplex spring handpiece for added flexibility when needed. This adapter will turn any of the following standard handpieces into duplex spring models: H.30, H.30-C1, H.30-C2, H.44T, H.43T, H.28, H.8, H.18, H.20, H.52 and H.10.
These 6 handpieces already come in duplex models: H.8D, H.10D, H.15D, H.18D, H.20D, and H.52D.

Duplex springs and duplex spring adapters are subject to breakage and are NOT covered by warranty.

Not for use with H.50 Handpieces or with Foredom Filer, Angle Grinder or Belt Sander Attachments.

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