Galahad CG Flat Disc


The Galahad CG® Flat Disc is a quality made, long lasting tungsten carbide disc for the home and Do-It-Yourself market. This flat profile disc is great for removing, shaping and gently making predominantly flat surfaces. It also makes convex or concave shapes (inward and outward curved surfaces) when used primarily on its edge. For weekend warriors who do general and light construction jobs around the house or employee work job site, nothing shapes wood better.  The Galahad CG can be used on wood, plastic, polywood, rubber and soft stone in any direction. Fast removal and safely shaping a variety of materials are features of this terrific and affordable disc.  Landscaping, shaping straight fence, deck or dock posts, or quickly making awkward shapes fit together are some unusual applications for this great accessory.  (7/8″ Centre Hole)

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