SK Burner Carving Starter Kit

SK Burner, Carving Starter Kit

The Razertip SK carvers starter kit contains the most useful pens/tips/cords for bird and animal carvers.

This package consists of:
1 SK burner (power supply).
1 #CORD1FL Standard Cord.
1 #CORD1HD Heavy Duty Cord.
1 #CLEANER Tip Cleaner.
1 #F1L Large Skew Standard Pen.
1 #F5S Small Spear Standard Pen.
1 #F7L Large Round Skew Standard Pen.
1 #HD5MC Heavy Duty Quill Maker Pen.

This package if you want all Heavy Duty:

1#HDSK Burner (power Supply)

1 #CORD1HD Heavy Duty Cord

1 #Cleaner Tip Cleaner

1 #HD1L Heavy Duty Large Skew Pen

1#HD5S Heavy Duty Small Spear Pen

1#HD7L Heavy Duty Large Round Skew Pen

1 #HD5MC Heavy Duty Quill Maker Pen

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