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$12.95 Each (most of these are used but in great condition)

Summer 1990 Molding Leaves, Soft Feathers Texturing, Sketching Birds, Carving a Low-head Green Winged Teal, Marbled Godwit Painting Instructions.

Winter 1993 King Penguin part one, Hen Green Wing part three, Pumpkin-seed Sunfish part one, Bird Carvings in Japan, Larry Hayden drawing parallels between painting and carving.

Summer 1993 Creating the Curve making the third view from a two-view pattern, A shore thing Carving and painting a trio of Dunlins, Mallard Tail Curls part one, American Avocet a close-up view of the graceful Shorebird

Fall 1993 Mallard Tail Curls part two, Painting Notes on the Common Loon, The Northern Cardinal, Feathered Friends making holiday gift items, Mr Jim’s Pintail carving a shooting stool Cajun style

Spring 1995  Avian Anatomy, Carving a Fiddler Crab, Creole Carvers, Flight School Ernie Muehlmatt creates a group of prairie falcon chicks, Smooooth Oldsquaw painting demo illustrates creating texture with paint.

Summer 1995 Wood Duck Head part one, Cinnamon teal family part one painting the hen, Ducks in the balance hollowing and weighing a working decoy, Heads up part one

Fall 1995  Wood duck head part two, Heads up part two, Cinnamon teal family part two painting drake, Hot times and cool tips burning tips and techniques, Bob Brown Carving in context and painting Techniques

Spring 1999 an airbrush can work for your Passche AB, Hunting decoy Part II, Scaup Hen project Part I, Wild Spirit a portrait of the common loon

Summer 1999 Airbrush blending techniques, Scaup Hen project part II, Indigo bunting, Atlantic Puffin Project part I

Winter 1999 Texturing individual  feathers, Songbird Legs and feet, Wood duck Drake carve and paint a hunting decoy, Bald eagle

Fall 1999 Decorative Tundra Swan Part one, Hunting Decoy Part Four, Feather Close-up, Atlantic Puffin Project Part Two, Miniature Wild Turkey Part one

Spring 2002 wood duck family by Bill Veasey with pattern, Hen Puddle duck Painting, Article on Green winged Teal reference

Winter 2003 Notes on the Carolina Paraquet, Red-breasted Merganser part one, making side templates, Ruby-throated Hummingbird project

Spring 2003 Red-Breasted Merganser Texturing, Warbler Reference, Varied Thrush Painting, Green Jay & Habitat, Painting Realistic Bills

Summer 2003 Red-breasted Merganser part three, Mountain Bluebird Painting notes, Northern White Cedar Brant Carve the decoy, Miniature Waterfowl Sculpture

Fall 2003 Painting 101 translucence, Yellow-throated Warbler Part one, Black-bellied whistling duck bust part one, Color Values part one with keith Mueller, Red-bellied woodpecker painting notes and pictures, Northern White Cedar Brant part two

Winter 2004 Paint the evening grosbeak with pattern, Yellow-throated Warbler part 2 shape the bird, Pintail Hen and chick with pattern, Black-bellied Whistling Duck Bust painting the head, Canada Goose painting information, measurements and pictures, Raptor eyes make your own

Spring 2004 Yellow-throated Warbler Part 3 texturing, Painting Hen Head feathers, Feather Study carve a wood duck side pocket grouping,  Bluebird Pair Carving with Ernie Muehlmatt

Summer 2004 Yellow-throated Warbler Part 4 painting, Western Tanager Painting notes, Snowy owl pictures, pattern and measurements, Northern Shoveler Drake carve and paint a hunting decoy, service class northern Phalarope part one shaping, detailing hen head feathers

Fall 2004 Phalarope painting, Kingfisher carving, Yellow-throated warbler part 5 painting continued. Artistic Design and composition part one keith Mueller

Winter 2005 Shoveler Hen part one, Carving a Kingfisher part 2 painting, Eastern and Western Kingbirds pattern, paint colors and measurements, Painting a Drake Redhead

Spring 2005 Painting a Shoveler Hen, Lewis Woodpecker Painting Notes & pattern, Painting a Drake Wigeon

Winter 2006 Carving an American Robin on a Base of Cedar, Painting Drake Canvasback, Eastern Gobblers reference, Carving Miniature Pintails

Summer 2006 Northern Oriole Painting notes, Pied-Billed Grebe part 1, pattern and color guide American Kestrel , Ring-necked Hen Decoy carve and paint, legs and feet of the purple Gallinule.

Winter 2011 Painting notes Cedar Waxwing, Back to Colorado part three rock carving, Saw whet Owl, Brown Thrasher pattern & reference

Fall 2014 Paint a woodcock, carve two different grebe species, texture a bufflehead part two, Rough-legged hawk reference

Spring 2018 Black Duck Decoy is easy to carve, American Crow Paint, Hand Painted Kingfisher

Winter 2019 Pileated woodpecker Painting, Cork Mallard Painting, Sharp shinned Hawk carving, Trumpeter Swan carving, Mandarin Drake Carving

Summer 2019 A Bufflehead Tweener carving, Roseate Spoonbill reference, Habitat for a common redpoll

Fall 2019 Hooded Oriole Painting, Sanderling Carving & feather painting, Cork Mallard, Bufflehead Tweener Painting, Purple Martin reference

Summer 2021 Painting Notes Cactus Wren, Black Duck from the Jersey Shore part one, snow Bunting, Painting a Cork Pintail Hen, Downy and Red-Headed woodpeckers as decoys


YEAR 2000 (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) Yellow-shafted Flicker painting notes, Carving open Pintail Bill, Roseate Spoonbill carve and paint, Head Lines a new application for some time tested methods of marking, Scarlet tanager photos and painting notes, tertials step by step, Gray Phase Screech owl Painting, Roseate and common tern, miniature wild turkey part two, decorative tundra swan part 2, female northern Cardinal painting,

YEAR 2001 (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) Carolina Wren Carve & Painting, Yellow Rail painting notes and pictures, texturing a black duck, Painting pintail hen feathers, Carve Gadwall decoy head & body, Great Horned Owl Part one carving, part two painting, Carve and paint goldeneye decoy, American Wigeon part one, Lower bill attachment

YEAR 2002 (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) Wood Duck Family , Painting a hen puddle duck, Green winged teal painting notes and reference pictures, Semipalmated Plover carve and paint, Contemporary Pintail carving, Painting Mallard Hen, Red Phase ruffed grouse photos and paint notes, American Wigeon part two painting, Gadwall decoy painting, Northern Goshawk  painting notes, photos and measurements,

YEAR 2007 (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) Sharp-shinned hawk painting & measurements, A Swan Decoy, Yellow Warbler painting, Elf Owl measurements, painting notes & photos, Autumn Harvest , Out of the wood wood duck carve and paint, red-winged blackbird photos, measurements and paint notes, Carving & Painting Wigeon Drake, Babies make three , Dark-eyed junco paint notes, measurements & pattern, Rear View Owl part one, Willow Ptarmigan paint notes, pattern & photos, red-breasted Nuthatch  paint notes, measurements & pattern,






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