Wood Carving Magazine UK


Great information in these issues on relief carving and chisels, some articles  by chris pye, carving information on birds i do not know like indian pitta, red grouse and blue abyssinian roller

used Back Issue of UK carving magazine $4.00 each or 5 for $15.00

Issue #73   Artic tern in tern style, lines of wisdom aging carved human face, Phoenix rising,  making the icicle,

Issue # 102   sharpest tool in the box, out of the blue  a blue tit, green man of norwich cathedral, relief a fish on a dish, ducks head delight,

Issue #106   relief flower panel, Learn to chip carve a winter robin, rosette on a plate, techniques to restore your carvings, relief to bronze

Issue #109  frog on a lilypad, carving salad servers, turn, carve and gild a dolphin tazza, how to carve wading birds, making an impressive carving using punches, carving vice round-up

Issue #113  Carve this grinling gibbons style foliage, carve from sweet chestnut this woodpecker, Take the next step towards carving in relief, how to establish persepective in relief carving, Sharpen V tools, V Tool 12 top tips for using, Carve in a weekend this leaping trout stick,

Issue #122  Maintaining and using straight & skew tools, Carve a strolling cat on a wall, Make a mark with this stunning carved jewellery, Carve a world cut rugby player, Creating the eyes for netsuke, Carve and pyrograph a Hippopotamus

Issue #124  Carve a Netsuke cockerel, Bent tools, learn the basic rules of stick making, Autumn leaves made simple, Carve your own Rocky ruins stone carving,

Issue #126  Carve a goshawk, Chris Pye carves a sign for your house, 20 minutes with Edwin McClure, Lettering with Andy Hibberd, Ocean Storm andrew thomas abstract sculpture

Issue #130  Carving running hare, English rocking horse, Art Deco Stone Sculpture, Carve a snipe, carve angelfish,

Issue #149 carving snuffles the hedgehog, carve sculpture the line, loop and circle, Gothic candle stand, carving a shell, tips for carving baby rabbit, carving a red grouse, celtic conundrum, mirror carp from basswood,





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