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Keep your pyrography workspace fresh and clear of smoke with the Razaire™ MINI Smoke Extractor. With multi-stage carbon filtration and a versatile design the Razaire™ MINI works in most settings and with any project. The soft Hood Grip allows the Razaire™ MINI to be used on top of your project to ensure maximum smoke capture and filtration. With its quiet operation the Razaire™ MINI will peacefully help you on your creative journey.

Razaire Mini - X60 smoke extractor
  • Multi-Stage Carbon Filtration
  • 2-Speed Operation
  • Replaceable Filters
  • Filter stages can be added with the Expansion Kit
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Mount to a compatible support for more flexibility
  • Clear Hood can be removed for versatility
  • Removable soft rubber Hood Grip
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Size: 5″ x 5″ x 6″ (13 cm x 13 cm x 15 cm)
  • Weight: 15.2 oz / 430 g
Razaire Mini - X60
Razaire Mini - X60

Replaceable Filters

Razaire Mini - X60 Prefilter width=
Razaire Mini - X60 Primary Filter

The unit can still be used as a fan to draw air away from your burning surface even if the filters are removed or no longer effective.

For the most effective smoke reduction replace filters regularly. Recommended replacement interval for the Prefilter (Replacement # XF105) is approximately every 25 hours of burning if you burn hot and generate lots of smoke, and approximately every 50 hours if you burn more moderately.

The Primary Filter (Replacement # XF102) should be replaced every other time you replace the Prefilter. This works out to roughly 50-100 hours between Primary Filter changes. This is a basic guideline only. You may find that you want (or need) to replace filters more frequently or less frequently, depending on how effective you feel the filter is at removing smoke while you are burning.

Expansion Kit

Razaire Mini - X60 Primary Filter Expansion Kit

You can increase the filtering efficiency of the Razaire™ MINI by adding one or more Primary Filter Expansion Kits (# XF200). Each kit includes an Expansion Frame and a new Primary Filter. No tools required. To install simply remove the Top Cap from the unit and snap in the Expansion Frame. The extra filter can be set directly on top of the existing filter (be sure to remove the protective paper tabs from the new filter first). Snap the Top Cap back in place.

You can add as many extra Primary Filter stages as you want, however air flow through the unit will be reduced slightly with each additional filter stage you add.

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This very comfortable tray was designed so that you can carve right in your lap (requires use of the 4″ hose adapter and a length of 4″ hose). But it is much more than just a lap tray. Stand it on edge and it excels at picking up dust from small stationary belt sanders and small grinders. The built-in lips are not only comfortable to rest your arms on, they can also be used to fashion the lap tray into a drawer that conveniently stores away under your desk or bench. Approximately 13″x17″x2″ deep.

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Exhaust air discharges from the side of the Razaire 530. This adapter slips down over the exhaust, re-directing the air towards the back of the unit. Useful in classes, but itʼs also great to re-direct air in many other situations e.g. when using your Razaire 530 beside a tabletop sander or scrollsaw. It is also recommended that you use this deflector when using a Razaire 530 without the front hood.

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The 4 inch Inlet Hose Adapter allows attachment of other accessories including the lap-top tray ZA440. It can be used to collect dust from shop tools like bandsaws, sanders, etc. Requires 4 inch flexible vent hose (available at hardware stores).
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Standard 30% efficient (green) filter. Best for general wood dust applications, or as the first (front) stage when using higher efficiency filters. It is the easiest to clean and the longest lasting.

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Extra 2″ filter frame for Z530. Infinitely stackable. Use this frame to add a second or third filter stage to your Razaire 530 dust collector. Snaps into existing frame quickly without any tools necessary.

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Activated Charcoal Standard 30% Efficient (gray) filter. Most often used as a second stage to reduce many odours like burning wood, antler and eggshell. Recommended as a second stage as it will require frequent replacement if used alone. Note: This filter does not eliminate odours. It has proven effective in reducing airborne odours and works best at low fan speed settings

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High 80% efficient (white) filter. Our most efficient filter; best used for hard to capture particles like soapstone and eggshell. Also good for maximum efficiency when a single stage is desirable. Because of the fine weave of this filter it is not as easily cleaned as the others and will require more frequent replacement. For best results we recommend using it as a second stage with a standard filter in front.

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