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 Cork for Decoys

Low density (dark brown/black) decoy cork block is economically priced. Blocks are light in weight and very buoyant with slightly larger grains than the high density blocks. Due to its low density, it is easy to carve but does not allow for the same high degree of detail achieved with high density blocks.

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Cut outs are Basswood unless stated from  tupelo. Kit includes cut out, eyes, feet, pattern 

BJ (D) (tupelo)7mm$35.95
BLUEBIRD (JS) (tupelo)6mm$23.95
CARDINAL (D)6mm$28.95
Cedar Waxwing  (BL)(tupelo)5mm db$24.95
Cedar Waxwing  (ST)5mm DB$32.95
Flying (tupelo)
CHICKADEE (JS)5mm$23.95
DOWNY (tupelo)5mm$23.95
DUNLIN (tupelo)5mm DB$28.95
GOLDFINCH (JS) (tupelo)4mm$23.95
GROSBEAK (tupelo)6mm$28.95
Sparrow, White Throated5mm$28.95
Junco (BL) (tupelo)4mm$23.95
KESTRAL (JS) (tupelo)8mm$39.95
OWL (JS)14 Y LG$38.95
ROBIN (tupelo)7mm$31.95
TITMOUSE (tupelo)5mm$23.95
Warbler (BL) (tupelo)4mm$23.95


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