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Cut outs are Basswood unless stated from  tupelo. Kit includes cut out, eyes, feet, pattern 

BJ (D) (tupelo)7mm$35.95
BLUEBIRD (JS) (tupelo)6mm$23.95
CARDINAL (D)6mm$28.95
Cedar Waxwing  (BL)(tupelo)5mm db$24.95
Cedar Waxwing  (ST)5mm DB$32.95
Flying (tupelo)
CHICKADEE (JS)5mm$23.95
DOWNY (tupelo)5mm$23.95
DUNLIN (tupelo)5mm DB$28.95
GOLDFINCH (JS) (tupelo)4mm$23.95
GROSBEAK (tupelo)6mm$28.95
Sparrow, White Throated5mm$28.95
Junco (BL) (tupelo)4mm$23.95
KESTRAL (JS) (tupelo)8mm$39.95
OWL (JS)14 Y LG$38.95
ROBIN (tupelo)7mm$31.95
TITMOUSE (tupelo)5mm$23.95
Warbler (BL) (tupelo)4mm$23.95


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Small kits with pattern, cutout or basswood  and some have instructions on the project. (dogs, sleepy owl, wizard,  acorn, hedge hog, American Indian face and more)

Price from $1.00 to $12.00

Just pattern and cutout panda bear sitting $14.95

Just pattern and cutout turtle   $12.95

Just pattern and cutout bear  $12.95



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