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Morakniv® Classic has been developed by Mora of Sweden for over a century, and has been utilized by generations of carpenters and wood carvers. The tradition can be explained by the knives being pleasant to work with and having just the right feel.
A reliable knife that has a given place among the tools of a handcrafter. Also used to a great extent by carpenters.


Classic wood-splitting knife with carbon steel blade.

Blade Thickness: 0.1″ (0.25 cm)
Blade Length: 4.5″ (11.4 cm)
Total Length: 14.4″ (36.6 cm)
Net Weight: 5.4 oz. (154 g)
Areas of Use: Wood carving


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5″ Flexible Draw Knife

Our flexible draw knife has 5 inches of workable edge, designed to flex around contours where large amounts of stock need to be removed quickly. The tool can be flexed to accommodate concave or convex surfaces. Cuts can be made that conform more closely to the finished shape, taking less time to sand or scrape. The curved edge gives a skew-like cutting action for a low resistance cut. This tool works great for carving chair legs, hollowing chair bottoms or quickly roughing-out decoys. KN16

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3″ Flexible Draw Knife

This handy little draw knife was developed for fan carving but works great for skinning bark and roughing-off corners. It fits nicely into the tool box. KN25

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