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Only the following on sale limited time and supply.

$17.00 Regular Price on for $12.50 Each

Widgeon Hen #12

Pintail Hen #19

Harlequin Hen #74

Redhead Hen #64

Ringnecked Hen  #56

Scoter Surf Hen #50

Goldeneye Hen #46



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Bufflehead DrakeKV-TF070$17.00
Bufflehead HenKV-TF072$17.00
Eider Common DrakeKV-TF082$17.00
Eider Common HenKV-TF084$17.00
Eider King DrakeKV-TF112$17.00
Eider King HenKV-TF110$17.00
Eider Spectacled DrakeKV-TF116$17.00
Eider Spectacled HenKV-TF114$17.00
Eider Stellers DrakeKV-TF108$17.00
Eider Stellers HenKV-TF106$17.00
Goldeneye Barrows DrakeKV-TF078$17.00
Goldeneye Barrows HenKV-TF080$17.00
Goldeneye Common HenKV-TF046$17.00
Harlequin HenKV-TF074$17.00
Mallard DrakeKV-TF014$17.00
Merganser Common HenKV-TF042$17.00
Merganser Red Breasted DrakeKV-TF120$17.00
Merganser Red Breasted HenKV-TF118$17.00
Oldsquaw DrakeKV-TF096$17.00
Pintail HenKV-TF019$17.00
Redhead HenKV-TF064$17.00
Ringnecked Duck HenKV-TF056$17.00
Ruddy Duck DrakeKV-TF124$17.00
Scaup Greater HenKV-TF036$17.00
Scaup Lesser DrakeKV-TF038$17.00
Scaup Lesser HenKV-TF040$17.00
Scoter Blk/American DrakeKV-TF148$17.00
Scoter Blk/American HenKV-TF150$17.00
Scoter Surf HenKV-TF050$17.00
Scoter White Winged DrakeKV-TF128$17.00
Scoter White Winged HenKV-TF126$17.00
Shoveler DrakeKV-TF053$17.00
Shoveler HenKV-TF054$17.00
Teal Baikal DrakeKV-TF420$17.00
 Teal Baikal HenKV-TF421$17.00
Teal Blue Wing HenKV-TF086$17.00
Teal Blue Wing DrakeKV-TF088$17.00
Teal Cinnamon DrakeKV-TF004$17.00
Teal Cinnamon HenKV-TF002$17.00
Teal Falcated MaleKV-TF450$17.00
Teal Green Winged DrakeKV-TF026$17.00
Widgeon HenKV-TF012$17.00
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$9.95 Each 2 or more $8.00 Each

Wood Duck


Old Squaw

Ruddy Duck


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