Category: Information on Brushes


Ultra Round – Use as a liner on point. Full belly provides a reservoir for paint. Popular watercolor brush.

Round – Use on point or apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes. Detail work or filling large areas depending upon the size and pressure applied.

Liner – Continuous curved or straight lines. Vary thickness with pressure changes.

Script Liner – Scroll work, flowing thick-to-thin lines. Length of hair holds more paint than a regular liner, but requires more control.

Filbert – Strokes with soft edges. Blending. Natural shape for flower petals, leaves, duck, and bird feathers.

Filbert Rake – Creates the same effect as the Rake brush but its oval shape gives softer edge.

Oval Wash-Washes, base coating, final finishes, Large broad sweeping strokes.

Shader– Blocking in color, shading, blending, highlighting, and stroke work.

Chisel Blender – Short, flat strokes and blending, especially with heavy mediums.

Raphael Kolinsky Sable Brushes. This hair comes from the Siberian and Manchurian Sable, better known under the name of Kolinsky. It is a small animal that lives in the coldest areas of these regions, giving it a very strong and dense hair, an ideal hair for watercolor. It has fantastic spring, snap, and color holding ability.

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