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2020 #90,#91, #92, #93 $8.00


# 8,  26, 42, 47, 60, 66, 67, 68, 70,  72, 80, 86, 87, 88



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$4.00 each or 5 for $15.00


#162 (Carving Fieldfare, Carving Little mouse ready to leap, Celtic line & Knot Patterns, Leaf Face relief)


#154 (Angelfish shoal on Coral smoothies, Marc Cotterill in profile, Commerson’s Dolphins, carving and painting a red backed shrike, )

#155 (Clamity Control how to avoid making mistakes, Sunken Greenman relief, carve and paint Abyssinian Roller, )

#157 ( Tudor Gothic Panel, Leaf-inspired Design, Welsh Lovespoon, Carve and Paint Colors Northern Lapwing. )

#158 (an Introduction to Chip Carving, Classical Shell dish, Marvellous Mallard Duck Stick Head, Passenger pigeon Basic Carving and paint colors)

#159 (Celtic Snowflakes, Carp Swing Through reeds relief, Hare in the ferns relief, Band sawing in two profile form)


#149 (Snuffles the hedgehog carving, carving a shell, carving a red grouse, old carving tools good or bad buy?)

#152 (Horse head-part one smoothy, Oak leaves and acorn, Cherry Greenman, Maple Leaf Pin)

#153 (Viking Reindeer, Horse head – part two, 5 essential Knife techniques, carving and paint a wood pigeon, Mouse letter opener)


#142 ( Carve a Koi Carp, Carving a Bonsai Tree, Carve & paint an Indian Pitta, eagle wall plaque, Surface finishing Scraping & Sanding

#143 ( Carving a Traditional Welsh Lovespoon, Lime leaf with frog & sleeping mouse relief, Carving a seating hare, Carve & paint a Brambling, Tommy the Tortoise Carved)


#130 (English Rocking horse, carve a snipe, carve a angelfish, running Hare carving, Art Deco Stone Sculpture)

#136 ( African Elephant Calf carving, Dolphin Relief Panel, Technical Know-how carving the cheetah, Grape leaf bowl, How to carve a cock pheasant


#122 ( Carve a Strolling Cat on a wall, carve a world cup Rugby Player, carve and pyrograph a Hippopotamus, )

#124 (Carve a Netsuke Cockerel,  Learn the basic rules of Stick making, Stone carving your own rocky ruins, )

#125 ( carving Sculptural lips, carve a deco gecko in stone, carve a Buzzard, Pyrographing eyes and nose, )

#126 (carve a groshawk , relief titanic boiserie, Ocean Storm sculpture)


#112 (how to shape and carve eyes, Stylised Dove, Carve a Beakhead, carving in relief part 1)

#113 (How to carve a greater Spotted Woodpecker from a sweet Chestnut Burr, carving in relief part 2, how to establish perspective in relief carving, leaping trout stick, )


#106 (Relief Flower Panel, Learn to Carve a Winter Robin, Chip carve a Rosette on a plate, Techniques to Restore your carvings, Relief to Bronze, )

#109 ( Carving Frog on a lilypad, Carving Salad Servers, How to Carve Wading Birds, Turn, carve and gild a Dolphin Tazza, )

#110 (Carve this fun Broody Hen, The Five fundamentals of Chip Carving, Wave Carving , Carve your own female form, Carving gloves)

#111 (How to achieve the perfect cut, How to carve a folk horse, Carve Christmas Choral mice, Carve our three Christmas Characters, Carve a Fume a Celtic Cross, )


#102 (Carving Blue Tit, Chris Pye carve a green Man, Relief Fish on a Dish, Duck head  on walking stick.


#73 (Carving a beautiful arctic tern,Paul Sivell makes a public Sculpture from a London Plane Tree, Lines of Wisdom showing age on a carved human face, How to chip carve an icicle ornament,

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$12.95 Each (most of these are used but in great condition)

Summer 1990 Molding Leaves, Soft Feathers Texturing, Sketching Birds, Carving a Low-head Green Winged Teal, Marbled Godwit Painting Instructions.

Fall 1999 Decorative Tundra Swan Part one, Hunting Decoy Part Four, Feather Close-up, Atlantic Puffin Project Part Two, Miniature Wild Turkey Part one

Spring 2002 wood duck family by Bill Veasey with pattern, Hen Puddle duck Painting, Article on Green winged Teal reference

Winter 2003 Notes on the Carolina Paraquet, Red-breasted Merganser part one, making side templates, Ruby-throated Hummingbird project

Summer 2003 Red-breasted Merganser part three, Mountain Bluebird Painting notes, Northern White Cedar Brant Carve the decoy, Miniature Waterfowl Sculpture

Fall 2003 Painting 101 translucence, Yellow-throated Warbler Part one, Black-bellied whistling duck bust part one, Color Values part one with keith Mueller, Red-bellied woodpecker painting notes and pictures, Northern White Cedar Brant part two

Winter 2004 Paint the evening grosbeak with pattern, Yellow-throated Warbler part 2 shape the bird, Pintail Hen and chick with pattern, Black-bellied Whistling Duck Bust painting the head, Canada Goose painting information, measurements and pictures, Raptor eyes make your own

Spring 2004 Yellow-throated Warbler Part 3 texturing, Painting Hen Head feathers, Feather Study carve a wood duck side pocket grouping,  Bluebird Pair Carving with Ernie Muehlmatt

Summer 2004 Yellow-throated Warbler Part 4 painting, Western Tanager Painting notes, Snowy owl pictures, pattern and measurements, Northern Shoveler Drake carve and paint a hunting decoy, service class northern Phalarope part one shaping, detailing hen head feathers

Winter 2005 Shoveler Hen part one, Carving a Kingfisher part 2 painting, Eastern and Western Kingbirds pattern, paint colors and measurements, Painting a Drake Redhead

Spring 2005 Painting a Shoveler Hen, Lewis Woodpecker Painting Notes & pattern, Painting a Drake Wigeon

Winter 2006 Carving an American Robin on a Base of Cedar, Painting Drake Canvasback, Eastern Gobblers reference, Carving Miniature Pintails

Summer 2006 Northern Oriole Painting notes, Pied-Billed Grebe part 1, pattern and color guide American Kestrel , Ring-necked Hen Decoy carve and paint, legs and feet of the purple Gallinule.

Spring 2018 Black Duck Decoy is easy to carve, American Crow Paint, Hand Painted Kingfisher

Winter 2019 Pileated woodpecker Painting, Cork Mallard Painting, Sharp shinned Hawk carving, Trumpeter Swan carving, Mandarin Drake Carving

Summer 2019 A Bufflehead Tweener carving, Roseate Spoonbill reference, Habitat for a common redpoll

Fall 2019 Hooded Oriole Painting, Sanderling Carving & feather painting, Cork Mallard, Bufflehead Tweener Painting, Purple Martin reference

Summer 2021 Painting Notes Cactus Wren, Black Duck from the Jersey Shore part one, snow Bunting, Painting a Cork Pintail Hen, Downy and Red-Headed woodpeckers as decoys


YEAR 2000 (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) Yellow-shafted Flicker painting notes, Carving open Pintail Bill, Roseate Spoonbill carve and paint, Head Lines a new application for some time tested methods of marking, Scarlet tanager photos and painting notes, tertials step by step, Gray Phase Screech owl Painting, Roseate and common tern, miniature wild turkey part two, decorative tundra swan part 2, female northern Cardinal painting,









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Wildfowl Carving Magazine started an annual tradition when it published Competition 1988, the first-ever look at the best of the best from the years top carving shows. In the decades since, Competition has featured photographs of the most amazing wildfowl carvings you can imagine.

These are some of the Back issues

$15.00 Each or 2 for $20.00

1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2008, 2009, 2010,




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Assorted Pyrography magazines full of information $12.95 each

Volume 1 2011  Start Woodburning today! Learn to Burn Gourds, Leather, paper & Wood.64 Step-by-Step Projects photos

Volume 2 2012 17 new projects beginner to Advanced, 5 eacy techniques for adding color

Volume 3 2013 29 woodburning projects, 10 best tools for beginners, Techniques for burning Paper, fabric and leather

Volume 4 2014 47 project patterns, make patterns using stencils & Stamps

Volume 5 2016 275 + photos beautiful projects & the newest tips, fresh ideas and designs

Volume 6 2018 24 all new projects, 5 easy ways to make your own patterns, 13 pages of helpful basics and tips

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these are sold as a set each set 7 issues $35.00

Set 1 2009

#2003, #2004, #2005, #2006, #2007, #2008, #2009,

Set 2 2008

#196, #197, #198, #199, #200, #201, #202,

Set 3 2007

#189, #190, #191, #192, #193, #194, #195

more to be added soon

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$4.00 Each or 5 for $15.00

#5 (Ivan Whillock Carves a large Relief, Carving a growing stick, Carving the Female Face in Caricature,Carving the Celtic Knot Pendant, Carving golf Balls, Carving an eye with Stu Martin)

#9 (Carving a Bear, Clay Modeling for Carvers, Critters who live in Glass Houses, Carving a Willow Bowl, Carve A Dragonfly pin)

#11 (Making an Antique working spoon using modern power tools, Carving a Bunny, Carving Uncle Sam, )

#12 (Carving a Dove in Relief, Carving a Pumpkin Head, Carving a Coral Fish, Carving Under Santa’s Hat, Carving a Shallow Relief, )

#13 (Carving a Hummingbird Pin, Wood burning with Cheryl Dow, Designing a Sliver Ring, Carving a Leprechaun, )

#14 (Carving a Shelf Elf, Tool Sharpening Variations, Carving & Painting a Gray Jay, Carving a Moose, Carving Walking Bear Cub, )

#15 (Carving a Donut shape by Ivan Whillock, Pyrography 101 by Nedra Denison, Relief carving Covered Bridge, Carving an Alabaster Swan, Carve a Toad House, )

#18 (Cesar Nogueira Gemstone Carver, Red Tailed Hawk Tail Feather Carving & Painting, Carving a Rascally Raiders Toothpick holder, Freehand Welcome sign, Carving Cottonwood Bark A native American Mesa Structure, )

#19 (Carving Chipmunk with an Acorn, Carving incense Burner, Ask Joe Depth of Relief, Carving First Catch Caricature, Carve Uncle Sam, )

#22 (Carving a leaf in relief, Carving Old Timer Caricature, Carving Wood Whittling away at the Question, Have a blast with Boomerangs, relief the howling wolf, Chainsaw Carved Viking, Caricature carving the Golfer, )

#26 ( Baseball Relief Carving The Slugger, Carving a Clown Fish, Carving western Boots & Belt, Carving the nose with power, Carving Weathered Wood Habitat, )

#27 (Carving a Bark House, Sharpening Micro Tools, Carving a Bluegill, Carving a mini Gator, Carving the mouth with power, )

#29 (Relief eagle on a Branch, Golf Ball Faces, Cherry Shell Tray, Caricature Hair, Silly Skunk, Caricature lucky Leprechaun, Whimsical Gnome, )

#30 ( Caricature Cooper the K9, Caricature Victor the Viking, Handmade Fishing Lure, Eight Step Caricature Face, Relief Decorative Maple leaves, )

#31 (Relief the old log Cabin, The Hedgehog for beginners, Cool Spool Faces, Peeking Mouse, )

#32 (Relief Mother and Child, Smiling Eyes Santa, Noah’s Ark Ornament, Santa’s Christmas Elf, Santa Tree topper, Holiday ornaments (with 11 patterns), Santa Bottle Stopper)

#35 (Relief Bird on a Branch, Whimsical Bark Cottage, Woodburned Eagle, Woodsculpting in China, relief Decorative Shell)

#37 ( Relief The Sliding Hill, Snowflake Bellows, Carving the Mountain Man Bust, Lets talk carving Techniques, Carve a Realistic Snake, Folk art Chicken, )

#38 (relief the cottontail, Chip Carving Patterns, Lets talk Carving Techniques, Wolf Hiking Staff, Making a full size Hummingbird, Expressions in wood, Woodburn pirate ship, Carving a Northern Pike, )

#40 ( Relief Christmas Stocking, Crayon Santa Ornament, Lets talk carving Techniques, South Pole Penguin Caricature, Star Bright Santa, Wood burning Spirit of the horse, Chip Carving and Painting, )

#41 (Relief Pofile Portrait, Arizona Cowboy Bust, Lets talk carving techniques, Wood Burn twelve days of Christmas part I, Carving a  Dachshund, Carving a Mobius Triangle, )

#42 (Vaulting relief, Caribou pattern and photos,  lets talk carving techniques, Egg and Dart Molding, Carving the Magical Fairy, Carving the Celtic Knot, Wood burn twelve days of Christmas part II, Carving large )

#43 (Relief Oak Leaves, lets talk carving techniques, Caricature Buckaroo Babe, Smallmouth Bass Carving, Chip Carving Techniques, The Ol’ Outhouse, Wood Burn twelve days of Christmas Part 3, )

#45 ( Relief Ol’ Barn Road, Lets talk Carving Techniques, Stylized free form Carving, Wood burning deer head king of the forest, Chip Carved Domino Set, Sandy’s Santa, )

#46 (Relief Squirrel in a tree, Lets talk Carving Techniques, Woodspirit in Bark, Three legged Stand, carve Abraham Lincolin, )

#47 (Heart Automation, Old Hound Dog pictures and pattern, Lets talk Carving Techniques, Chip Carve a Swirl Rosette. Ivan Whillock relief Diana, Chip Carved Snakes,  Three Whittle pigs, )

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