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Only the following on sale limited time and supply.

$17.00 Regular Price on for $12.50 Each

Teal Falcated Male #450

Teal Baikal Drake #420

Teal Baikal Hen #421

Pintail Hen #19

Harlequin Hen #74

Redhead Hen #64

Scoter Surf Hen #50

Goldeneye Hen #46

Scaup Greater Hen #36

Common Merganser Hen #42



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Regular price $12.50  Sale $9.50

Regular price $15.00 Sale  $11.50

Regular price  $16.00 Sale $12.00

Regular price $16.50 Sale $12.50

Chukar Average222$12.50
Mountain Quail232$12.50
Gambel Quail234$12.50
Quail Bob White237$12.50
Dove Mourning264$12.50
Crow Common280$12.50
Piliated Woodpecker700$16.50
Flicker Yellow Shafted702$16.00
Black Necked Stilt914$15.00


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