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for cutting your rods

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Comes with two double-ended collets in the handle with 0″ to .125″ (1/8″) capacity range. Hexagonal head keeps vise from rolling off of work surface. Holds small tools with round shanks including drills, burs, reamers, taps, needles, scribers, etc. Revolving head makes drilling fast. 4″ overall length.

While woodworking often does not require extremely fine and/or accurate holes, there are times when a fine set of drill bits would be very handy when making a hole in your carving.

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Ultra Thin Kerf Razor Saw has a blade with .008in. kerf ,4-1/2in. length, 7/16in. cutting depth, and steel back for stability.

Makes super fine pull stroke cuts in wood, soft metals and plastic without splits or ragged edges

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Each Sheet  4″ x 10″


#252 .016  Brass $8.95

#253 .032 Brass  $15.95

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