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These are 2 sets I made up for beginner Carvers

Both come with 11 pocket tool Roll, Quick connect handle (for $8.00 more you can add to basswood Leaf blanks and a DVD with Step-by-Step Instructions)

5 piece chisel set (Comes with FR406, FR603,FR409, FR412, FR306)  $87.00

11 piece chisel set (Comes with FR705, FR403, FR701, FR706, FR407, FR451, FR305, FR702, FR703, FR307, FR700) $140.00



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Ready to go for Brginners or pros interested in spoon carving. Basswood, 10″ long X 1.5″ thick.

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Our 11-Piece Craft Carver Set contains ten carving blades, an interchangeable ABS handle, leaf project carving blank, and an 11-pocket tool roll. Rolled up, this set is extremely portable. An owner’s manual is also included with step-by-step instructions for completing the project. (This is a different set from the one listed on Flexcut site)

Profiles included:  Sk305, SK307, SK406, SK409, SK412, SK451,SK700, SK701,SK703, SK706

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Cut outs are Basswood unless stated from  tupelo.

Kit includes cut out, eyes, feet, pattern 

BJ (D) (tupelo)7mm B$37.95
BLUEBIRD (JS) (tupelo & Basswood)5mm DB$28.95
CARDINAL (D)6mm B$35.95
Cedar Waxwing  (BL)(tupelo)5mm DB$28.95
CHICKADEE (JS)5mm B$23.95
DOWNY5mm B$26.95
GOLDFINCH (JS)4mm B$23.95
GROSBEAK (tupelo)6mm B$35.95
Junco (BL) (tupelo)4mm B$23.95
 KESTRAL (JS) (tupelo) 8mm $43.95
NUTHATCH5mm B$26.95
RAVEN 1/3 SIZE (JS)4mm DB $35.95
Saw Whet OWL (JS)16 Y LG$44.95
Mini Saw whet (no feet)9mm Y LG$20.95
Sparrow, White Throated5mm B$28.95
ROBIN (tupelo)7mm B$35.95
TITMOUSE (tupelo)5mm B$23.95
Warbler (BL) (tupelo)4mm B$23.95
Eastern Bluebird    Kit Set 2 $33.95
Chickadee     Kit Set 2 $28.95
Cardinal Kit Set 2 $33.95
Cedar Waxwing $33.95
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Small kits with pattern, cutout or basswood  and some have instructions on the project. (dogs, sleepy owl, wizard,  acorn, hedge hog, American Indian face and more)

Price from $1.00 to $12.00

Just pattern and cutout panda bear sitting $14.95

Just pattern and cutout turtle   $12.95

Just pattern and cutout bear  $12.95



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Maybe a little different then the picture (strop is different)

Basic Kit includes  $54.00
Flexcut Cutting Knife KN12
Strop and compound
Kevlar cut resistant Glove

Plus Kit includes $64.00

Flexcut Cutting Knife KN12
Strop and compound
Kevlar cut resistant Glove

a few starter kits (Wood & Instructions)

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The Beginner 2-Blade Craft Carver Set has everything needed to tackle a first time project. It comes with two carving blades – a V-Tool and a gouge – plus an interchangeable ABS handle. A basswood blank for the leaf carving project and a second blank for practicing cuts are included. There is also a project DVD with step-by-step visual instructions as well as a 24-page owner’s manual that outlines the leaf project and provides maintenance and safety tips for beginners.

This is an affordable set for beginners and those who want to give woodcarving a try.

Profiles included: SK306 #6 x 5/16″, SK307 70 deg. x 1/4″.

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Basswood Assorted small pieces

Maple 3 x 4 x 21 1/2  $19.50

Mahogany   1 x 12 1/4 x 24  $60.00

Assorted pieces of Butternut 1/2″ thick and about 4″ wide different lengths

$10.00 bags of assorted small pieces of Basswood

$10.00 bag of assorted Small pieces of Tupelo

Assorted bag of wood (oak, butternut, maple, mohogany) good for Intarsia projects $10.00


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We have Cut outs with Patterns

Panda Cub   $14.95

Turtle   $12.95

Bear  $12.95


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