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Sandpaper Holders are made of lightweight aluminum with plastic coated handles. Choose from round or square shape to hold sanding paper, cloth, or other abrasive paper. 3M Micron Graded Wet/Dry Polishing Papers cut into smaller sheets work well (for fine polishing on smooth surfaces).
Ideal for sanding, filing and polishing small or concave workpieces. Hinged at the end, each can hold abrasive sheets that are 1-1/2″ x 3-3/4″. After opening the hinge, wrap the sheet around the stick, tuck the ends inside and close the hinge to hold the abrasive surface in place.  $7.95 Each

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Very handy little tool for sanding those hard to reach areas. The belts can be rotated to expose fresh paper. Each package contains one 1/4″ sanding stick, with a belt on it. Packages come in 6 different grits. Grey (80g), Red (120g), Blue (240g), Green (320g), Yellow (400g) and Black (600g). Check we have assorted packages of just sticks.

Also sell package of 5 belts for $6.50

Package of 6 sticks (one of each)  $24.00

1 Stick $4.25 , 2 or more sticks $4.00 each

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1/4″ Replacement belts come in packages of five belts (all the same grit).

Red (120g), Blue (240g), Green (320g), Black (600g)

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