Category: Song Birds & Misc.

Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
538Blackbird, Redwinged (perching, flying -landing)C
838Blackbird, Redwinged (displaying)C
601Bluebird, Eastern (perching, flying-landing)C
833Bobolink (perching, flying-landing)C
607Bunting, Indigo (perching, flying-landing)B
2819XBunting, Painted (perching, flying-landing) 2/3 sizeA
606Bunting, Snow (Standing-flying-landing)C
935Cardinal (baby)A
544Cardinal Northern (perching, flying-landing)D
619Catbird (perching, flying-landing)C
519Chickadee, Black Capped (perching)A
584Chickadee, Black Capped (flying (landing) upside down)C
987XChicken, Leghorn Standing 1/2 sizeB
775Creeper, Brown (perching, flying-landing)B
773Crossbill, White Winged (perching, flying-landing)B
956Dove, Mourning (setting relaxed)A
949Finch, House (perching, flying-landing)B
554Finch, Purple (perching, flying-landing)B
553Flicker, Yellow Shaft (standing, flying (landing)D
575Flycatcher, Scissor Tailed (perching, flying-landing 1/2 sizeB
536Grosbeak, Evening (perching, standing)B
782Grosbeak, Pine (perching, flying-landing)C
 521 Hummingbird, Ruby Throat (perching flying (hovering) male and female on nest) B
919 Jay, Grey (perching)C
603Jay, Blue (perching, flying-landing)D
794Jay, Scrub (perching)B
734Jay, Steller’s (perching)C
586Junco, Slate Colored (perching, flying-landing)B
576Killdeer (Standing, flying (landing)D
992Killdeer (chick) standingA
814Kingfisher, Belted (hovering)C
592Magpie, Black-billed (perched )D
604Martin Purple (perching, flying-landing)C
566Meadowlark, Eastern (perching, flying-landing)C
802Nuthatch, Red Breasted (perching, flying-landing)B
549Nuthatch, White Breasted (on tree, flying-landing)B
561Oriole, Baltimore (perching, flying-landing)C
807Parrot, Toco Toucan perching 1/2 sizeB
947Phoebe, Eastern (perching, flying-landing)C
595Pigeon, Feral (Rock Dove) standingC
842Pigeon, Passenger (perching)C
520Redpoll perchingA
531Roadrunner runningD
563Robin (perching, flying-landing)C
821Sapsucker, Yellow Bellied (on tree flying-landing)C
915Shrike, Loggerhead perchingC
727Sisken, Pine (perching, flying-landing)B
954Sparrow, Chipping (perching, flying-landing)B
764Sparrow, House or English (perching, flying-landing)B
955Sparrow, Song (perching, flying-landing)B
617Sparrow, Tree (perching, flying-landing)B
995Sparrow, White Throated (perching, flying-landing)B
845Starling (perching)B
562Swallow, BarnC
612Tanager, Scarlet (perching, flying-landing)C
616Tanager, Western C
577Titmouse, Tufted (perching, flying-landing)B
793Towhee, Brown (standing)B
2830Warbler, Blk Throated Blue (perching)A
2875Warbler, Canada (perching)A
986Warbler, Yellow Rumper (perching)A
557Waxwing, Cedar (perching flying-landing)C
756Whip Poor Will (setting)B
2872 Woodpecker, Acorn (on tree flying-landing)C
615Woodpecker, Downy (perching)B
815Woodpecker, Hairy (on tree flying-landing)C
918Woodpecker, Ivory-billed (standing-on tree)C
510Woodpecker Pileated C
758Woodpecker, Red-headed (standing flying- landing)C
743Wren, Carolina (perching flying-landing)B
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