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Only the following on sale limited time and supply.

$17.00 Regular Price on for $12.50 Each

Widgeon Hen #12

Pintail Hen #19

Harlequin Hen #74

Redhead Hen #64

Ringnecked Hen  #56

Scoter Surf Hen #50

Goldeneye Hen #46



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Bufflehead DrakeKV-TF070$17.00
Bufflehead HenKV-TF072$17.00
Eider Common DrakeKV-TF082$17.00
Eider Common HenKV-TF084$17.00
Eider King DrakeKV-TF112$17.00
Eider King HenKV-TF110$17.00
Eider Spectacled DrakeKV-TF116$17.00
Eider Spectacled HenKV-TF114$17.00
Eider Stellers DrakeKV-TF108$17.00
Eider Stellers HenKV-TF106$17.00
Goldeneye Barrows DrakeKV-TF078$17.00
Goldeneye Barrows HenKV-TF080$17.00
Goldeneye Common HenKV-TF046$17.00
Harlequin HenKV-TF074$17.00
Mallard DrakeKV-TF014$17.00
Merganser Common HenKV-TF042$17.00
Merganser Red Breasted DrakeKV-TF120$17.00
Merganser Red Breasted HenKV-TF118$17.00
Oldsquaw DrakeKV-TF096$17.00
Pintail HenKV-TF019$17.00
Redhead HenKV-TF064$17.00
Ringnecked Duck HenKV-TF056$17.00
Ruddy Duck DrakeKV-TF124$17.00
Scaup Greater HenKV-TF036$17.00
Scaup Lesser DrakeKV-TF038$17.00
Scaup Lesser HenKV-TF040$17.00
Scoter Blk/American DrakeKV-TF148$17.00
Scoter Blk/American HenKV-TF150$17.00
Scoter Surf HenKV-TF050$17.00
Scoter White Winged DrakeKV-TF128$17.00
Scoter White Winged HenKV-TF126$17.00
Shoveler DrakeKV-TF053$17.00
Shoveler HenKV-TF054$17.00
Teal Baikal DrakeKV-TF420$17.00
 Teal Baikal HenKV-TF421$17.00
Teal Blue Wing HenKV-TF086$17.00
Teal Blue Wing DrakeKV-TF088$17.00
Teal Cinnamon DrakeKV-TF004$17.00
Teal Cinnamon HenKV-TF002$17.00
Teal Falcated MaleKV-TF450$17.00
Teal Green Winged DrakeKV-TF026$17.00
Widgeon HenKV-TF012$17.00
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Bob Miller made Study Bills for years they show the head, eyes and feature aids in exact placement of eyes and distance between the eyes. These are $25.00 each  limited supply

Black Duck Drake
Blue Winged Teal Drake
Blue Winged Teal Drake Open mouth
Bufflehead hen
Hooded Merganser Hen
Ruddy Duck Hen
Shoveler Hen
Spoonbill Drake
Spoonbill hen
Blue Jay

Cedar Waxwing
Golden Eagle

Great Blue Heron
Prairie Falcon
Redwinged Black Bird
Woodpecker Pileated

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Study Bill#Price
Goose Canada Large139$15.00
American Avocet916$14.50
Brant Goose152$15.00
Chukar Average222$12.50
Mountain Quail232$12.50
Gambel Quail234$12.50
Quail Bob White237$12.50
Dove Mourning264$12.50
Crow Common280$12.50
Hawk Red Tail310$24.50
Hawk Red Shouldered308$21.50
Hawk Cooper Male314$21.50
Hawk Cooper’s Female316$21.50
Merlin Female317$23.50
Owl Snowy324$24.50
Owl Screech326$21.50
Owl Barn328$21.50
Bald Eagle332$35.95
Piliated Woodpecker700$16.50
Flicker Yellow Shafted702$16.00
Loon Small800$19.75
Atlantic Puffin912$21.50
Black Necked Stilt914$15.00
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$9.95 Each 2 or more $8.00 Each

Wood Duck


Old Squaw

Ruddy Duck


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