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Each Kit $75.00 of all three $200.00

by Charles Murphy


Kit 1

Complete, full-size plans, templates, and paint patterns for making six different decoys – white fronted Goose (specklebelly), Atlantic Brant, Black (Pacific) Brant, Barrow’s and American Goldeneye (Whistler) drakes, and Goldeneye hen- with head-position variations, step-by-step instructions, lists of materials, tools and supply sources.. plus a painting guide with full-color photos showing top and side views

Kit 2

Complete, full-size plans, templates and paint patterns for making six different decoys – Greater or lesser snow goose (blue phase snow same pattern), Redhead drake and Redhead duck – with lifelike head position variations, step-by step instructions, lists of materials, tools and supply sources, and a survey of decoy literature.. plus a painting guide with full-color photos showing top and side views.

Kit 3

Six full-size plans with dozens of variations in head positions, complete with instructions, paint patterns for duck and drake, and list of tools, materials and supply sources for the construction of Canada Goose, Mallard, Scaup, Pintail, Canvasback and Wood Duck Decoys

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  Book 1 – Discusses woodcarving materials and techniques and provides detailed instructions for carving a pineapple, sandpiper, whale, loon, letter opener, and key chain ornament
Book 2 -Discusses wood-carving tools and techniques, and provides plans and detailed instructions for carving wall hangings, mirror frames, clocks, game boards, and decoys
This is a set of 2 Books for $12.00 by Roger Schroeder and Paul McCarthy
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$25.95 EACH

Include patterns, Reference Photos, Measurements and book III only has some Painting guides

Reference Guide to Waterfowl I 

includes patterns for Green Winged Teal, Blue Winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Gadwall, Wood Duck, Pintail, Hooded Merganser, Canada Goose.

Reference Guide to Waterfowl III

includes patterns for Black Duck Drake, Bufflehead Hen, Ring-necked Duck Hen & Drake, Lesser Scaup Drake, Oldsquaw Drake and American Wigeon Drake.


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Out of Print Book

Master every technique you need to tackle a wide range of projects: choose the right woods and tools; make sketches or dummy models; carve in relief and in the round; explore pierced relief and applique; learn how to strengthen fragile forms and deal with unexpected splits and knots; shape bowls inside and out; and choose a finish that will complement your carving. Techniques and projects are shown with practical step-by-step photography – you’ll also find a directory of wood finishes to complete your projects in a variety of ways, depending on the wood you use. Using the techniques you will learn in The Wood Carving Bible, you will also find instructions to make all kinds of carved projects; salad servers, a trinket box, an elegant fruit bowl, a pumpkin-shaped box and a floating duck decoy.


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This is a used book

This beautifully photographed book captures the loon in the wild. While celebrating the many species of loons, the authors examine the science behind the myths. Why is the loon so awkward on land, yet so graceful in the air and water? Do loons really mate for life, and is there really only one pair of loons to every lake? The informative text addresses all aspects of the Ioon’s biology, behavior, and environment. Includes over 120 full-color photos by some of the best loon and nature photographers in North America.

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Loon Carving, Patterns and Techniques” by J.Whiting, Carving, detailing and painting. Drawings and information de-mystifies loon anatomy. Patterns (lifesize and 1/2 size) cover swimming, standing, flying, and stretching.


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