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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
722Blackbird, red winged$3.50
718Bluebird, Eastern$3.50
 736Bunting, Indigo $3.50
730Bunting, Snow$3.50
709Cardinal, Northern$5.25
709-BCardinal, Northern (Male)$3.50
709-ACardinal, Northern (mini pair)$3.50
705Cedar, Waxwing$5.25
701Chickadee, Black-Capped$3.50
701BChickadee, Black-Capped flying5.25
503Dove, Mourning$8.25
703Goldfinch, American$3.50
716Grosbeak, Evening$3.50
721Grosbeak, Pine$3.50
717Grosbeak, Rose-Breasted$3.50
630Gull, Laughing$5.25
704Hummingbird ruby thr.$3.50
702Jay, Blue$5.25
731Jay, Grey$5.25
 711Kingfisher, Belted$5.25
 727 Kinglet, Ruby/Golden Cr $3.50
720Oriole, Baltimore$3.50
732Parakeet or Budgie$5.25
707Redpoll, Common$3.50
706 Robin, American$5.25
724Shrike, Loggerhead$3.50
710Sparrow, American Tree$3.50
 726Sparrow, White Throated $3.50 
725Titmouse, Tufted$3.50
 723 Towhee, Rufus $3.50
508Turkey, Wild$5.25
712Woodpecker, Downy $3.50
708Wren, House$3.50
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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
1903Avocet, American$3.50
308Great Blue Heron (Life size)$16.00
309Great Blue Heron (1/2 size)$5.25
310Great Blue Heron Miniature$3.50
6123/4 Loon Standing$8.25
625Double Loon Chicks$3.50
609Common Loon (Life size)$16.00
626Decorative Miniature Common Loon$5.25
638Pelican, American White$5.25
639-BPenguin, King$5.25
307Plover, Semipalmated$3.50
601Puffin, Atlantic$5.25
 624Puffin, Atlantic Standing$8.25
628Puffin, Atlantic Decoy$5.25
 813Plover,Black  Bellied               $3.50
304Sandpiper, Solitary$3.50
312Sandpiper Least$3.50
632Tern, Common$5.25
305Yellowlegs, Greater$5.25
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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
1507Cane, bald eagle head$1.00
1502Carving Walking Stick$1.00
929Clown Classic Circus Style$2.50
924Dragon, deluxe large$8.00
908Duck Pin$2.50
903Father Christmas $2.50
1508Fur Carving & Burning$3.00
921Knight in Armor$5.25
906Loon Pin$2.50
907Shorebird Pin$2.50
1510Songbird Feet Worksheet$1.00
918Viking or Norsemen $5.25
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Singular name: Category:
Drawing #SpeciesPrice
506Ruffed Grouse$8.25
504Bobwhite Quail$5.25
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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
 1104 Small Mouth Bass $5.25
1106Large Mouth Bass$5.25
1105Black Crappie$5.25
 1107 Trout, Rainbow Female $5.25
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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
101Mallard Drake$5.25
129Merganser, Red Breasted$5.25
811Pintail, Classique (decoy)$5.25
118Scaup, Lesser$5.25
103Wood Duck Drake$5.25
103-HWood Duck Hen$5.25
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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
 415 Bald Eagle 1/5 ready for lift off$5.25 
412Bald Eagle 1/5 scale resting$5.25
413Bald Eagle 1/5 scale Soaring$5.25
414Bald Eagle 1/5 Scale Attacking$5.25
1507Bald Eagle Cane Head$1.75
425Falcon, Peregrine 1/2 size$5.25
404Hawk, Sharp Shinned $8.25
403 Kestral, American$8.25
 409                        Merlin$5.25
401Owl, Common Screech $16.00
420Owl, Great Horned  1/3 Size$5.25
 407 Owl, Northern Pygmy$5.25
 410 Owl, Saw Whet head turned $5.25
411Owl, Saw-Whet  ½ size$1.75
408Owl, Short-Eared $8.25
 416Owl, Snowy$5.25 
418Owl, Snowy Flying 1/3 Size$5.25
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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
1001Alligator, American$5.00
 1005-ABear, Black Standing$5.00
 1005-BBear, Black Walking$5.00
1005-CBear, Grizzly Walking$5.00
1005-DBear, Grizzly Standing$5.00
1005-EBear, Polar Bear Walking$5.00
1005-FBear, Polar Bear or Ice Bear Standing$5.00
1003Beaver $5.00
1006Bufflalo, American Bison Bull (Buffalo)$5.00
1008Cat, Domestic $5.00
 1077 Chipmunk $5.00
1016-ADeer, Whitetail Buck$5.00
1016-BDeer, Whitetail Doe$5.00
1058Dog, Beagle$5.00
1057Dog, Pointer/Setter$5.00
1060Dog, Springer Spaniel$5.00
1059Dog, Scottish Terrier$5.00
1017Dolphin, Leaping $3.00
1052Elephant and Calf$5.00
 1041 Giraffe $5.00
1021Goat, Mountain$5.00
1072Horse, Heavy Horse “Percheron”$5.00
1071Horse, Heavy Horse “Shire”$5.00
1073Horse, Light Anglo Arab$5.00
 1054-BLion, Puma, Mountain Lion, Cougar Walking$5.00
1051Lion, African $5.00
1034-AMoose Bull$5.00
1034-CMoose Calf$5.00
1034-BMoose Cow$5.00
 1039Otter, River$5.00
1043Rhinocerose White$5.00
1047-ASheep, Bighorn $5.00
1079Squirrel, Grey Squirrel/Red $1.75
1054-ATigar, Walking $5.00
1096Turtle , Eastern Box $5.00
1097Turtle, Green Sea$5.00
 508 Turkey, Wild $5.00
1038Whale, Orca Killer $5.00
 1050-AWolf, Timber $5.00
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