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$12.95 EACH

I have Book I  & Book III

There are instructions in the front of book, there is no individual text for each pattern. The majority of larger patterns only include outline and finished patterns, not a flow line pattern.

Cheryl Dow’s book I includes 14 different patterns: Raccoon, Wolf (full body), Squirrel, Owl, Barn Scene, Lighthouse, Fox & Barn (cover, shown here), Merganser, Pintail, Chickadee, Butterfly, Fawn, Moose, and her now famous “Wolf Head.” There are three versions of each pattern, complete with detailed instructions. The book contains a preface and instructions and includes how to use transparent oils to color your pyrography.

Cheryl Dow’s Book II has twelve large patterns are Iris, Naptime* (baby squirrel sleeping), Peony Singer (sitting on a flowers stem), Ship Ahoy (sail ship with lighthouse in background), Lighthouse landing, Little Gossip (two song birds on a flowering branch, facing), Eagle (looking over shoulder, standing on branch), Late Fall Debate (two patterns of Jay on a branch), Mama Cougar* (with cubs), Trillium Deer* (cover), Laying Wolves* (two, laying on a rock). Note: Patterns with an asterisk (*) have a flow line pattern included.

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Assorted Pyrography magazines full of information $12.95 each

Volume 1 2011  Start Woodburning today! Learn to Burn Gourds, Leather, paper & Wood.64 Step-by-Step Projects photos

Volume 2 2012 17 new projects beginner to Advanced, 5 eacy techniques for adding color

Volume 3 2013 29 woodburning projects, 10 best tools for beginners, Techniques for burning Paper, fabric and leather

Volume 5 2016 275 + photos beautiful projects & the newest tips, fresh ideas and designs

Volume 6 2018 24 all new projects, 5 easy ways to make your own patterns, 13 pages of helpful basics and tips

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by Lora Irish

This is an excellent guide for getting started in pyrography, teaching the fundamentals of burning images on wood, gourds, leather and even paper. It begins with an introduction to the tools and materials needed, and follows with an overview of key techniques such as writing, shading and detailing.

The author covers setting up a practice board, experimenting with stroke and timing to get different tones, and adjusting temperature to obtain various effects. Six skill-building exercises are presented, each covering a specific technique. Includes detailed instructions, photos, patterns and helpful tips.

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Over 350 designs great for woodburning

By Lora Irish

Inside Modern Tribal Tattoos, you’ll find black work patterns that incorporate large solid areas with fine line accents, motif ideas, including totems and talismans, free-form designs based on long curved lines and fine delicate line work. Repeating elements, like triangles, spirals, suns and lines are also included to enhance large patterns. Bold triangle lines, spiked spirals, ragged curved lines, barb-wire—these make up today’s favorite designs and are included here. Each design includes the attributes or meaning associated with it like:
•Love and Affection
•Bravery and Courage
•and much more

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From the editors of Pyrography Magazine, this is an excellent resource for getting started in pyrography or advancing your skills. Filled with tips and ideas, it presents 23 pyrography projects that include portraits, landscapes and wildlife scenes, as well as three-dimensional works such as plates, bowls, beads and bangles.

Illustrated with line drawings and color photos, the step-by-step instructions explain how to burn images into wood, cork, gourds, leather and paper, and cover effects such as shading, texturing, coloring and creating hair, feathers and reflections. A wide-ranging look at everything from creating your own pyrography patterns to assembling and maintaining your tool kit.

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