Great for in your shop to hang up items on your peg board.

We have a bag of 50 hooks $5.00 2″ or 4″ or 1/2 and 1/2

2 Woodburning plaque Seconds $11.95 each
1 set mallard Curls $8.95
1 Pintail Pewter Feet $24.00
1 Teal Pewter Feet Floating or swimming $18.00

1 mini Rooster Pewter Feet $10.95

2 Elk Pewter antlers $19.00 Each

Mini Antlers $8.00 each or buy 2 or more $6.00 (only one each left)

Dark Cork low Density 24 X 36 X 4    $85.00

$39.95 each

basswood head cork body with pattern

Canvasback, Redhead or blue bill 

Foredom Jumbo Work Chamber with light MALC30 ($400.00 RETAIL $472.50 US )

Foredoms MALC30 Jumbo Work Chamber is a semi-enclosed, substantial sheet metal unit designed for use with our new MADC20 Dust Collector or other dust collection system. It comes with a bright LED light that can be moved around and made to stay in place with its magnetic base. The Chamber is a great addition to the benches of woodcarvers and fabricators of all kinds working with small to medium size workpieces. Chamber keeps dust and debris contained when grinding, sanding, polishing and drilling. It’s shield and LED Light offer excellent visibility and well-designed arm openings and padded arm rest provide full range of motion and comfort. Chamber comes disassembled but is easy to build with just a phillips screwdriver.

The Jumbo Chamber is great for many woodcarving projects from hogging out blocks of wood to delicate detailing

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