New Books

These books have just arrived will be adding more

Scrap Wood Whittling by Steve Tomaskek

Whittling Workbook 14 Simple Projects to Carve by James Ray Miller

Carve a world of Gnomes by Nikki Reese

Whittling in your free time by Tom Hindes

Complete Guide to Bird Carving by editors of Woodcarving Illustrated

Carving Wildlife in Wood book 4 by George Lehman

Carving the Little Guys by Keith Randich

Realistic Dogs by Jack Kochan

Learn to Carve Gnomes, Trolls and mythical creatures by Sara Barraclough

Wood Spirits and green Men by Lora Irish

Carving the human Face by Jeff Phares

Carving Faces workbook by Harold Enlow

Harold Enlow’s Whittling & Carving tips learn to carve a wood spirit in 30 steps

Whittling Little Folk by Harley Refsal

20 minute whittling projects by tom hindes

The little Book of Whittling by Chris Lubkemann

Complete Starter Guide to Whittling 24 easy projects by fox chapel

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