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Jo Sonja paint is specifically designed to meet the needs of artists who demand the finest quality pigments, are concerned about the longevity of their work and require a painting medium with truly unlimited applications. They are designed to cover in one coat, are lightfast and will not fade. Paint on wood, metal, glass and tile, fabric, walls, floors – virtually any surface and use only one set of paints! This is the finest quality acrylic paint available for decorative art, wildfowl and fine art techniques. Acrylic paints in 2.5 oz tubes

cat# Color Price
JS592 Antique Green $4.50
JS002 Aqua $4.50
JS842 Arylide Yellow   (NEW) $4.50
JS843 Black Umber  (NEW) $4.50
JS699 Blue Violet $4.50
JS003 Brillant Green $4.50
JS594 Brillant Magenta $4.50
JS595 Brillant Violet $4.50
JS004 Brown Earth $4.50
JS606 Brown Madder $7.25
JS005 Burgundy $4.50
JS006 Burnt Sienna $4.50
JS007 Burnt Umber $4.50
JS607 Cadmium Orange $9.25
JS008 Cadmium Scarlet $9.25
JS009 Cadmium Yellow Light $9.25
JS010 Cadmium Yellow Mid $9.25
JS011 Carbon Black $4.50
JS012 Cobalt Blue $4.50
JS013 Colony Blue $4.50
JS014 Dioxazine Purple $9.25
JS015 Fawn $4.50
JS016 French Blue $4.50
JS017 Gold Oxide $4.50
JS597 Green Light $4.50
JS608 Hookers Green $4.50
JS019 Indian Red Oxide $4.50
JS021 Moss Green $4.50
JS599 Naples Yellow $4.50
JS022 Napthol Crimson $4.50
JS023 Napthol Red Light $4.50
JS024 Nimbus Grey $4.50
JS025 Norwegian Orange $4.50
JS600 Olive Green $4.50
JS026 Opal $4.50
JS601 Pacific Blue $4.50
JS031 Paynes Grey $4.50
JS602 Permanent Alizarine $7.25
JS027 Pine Green $4.50
JS028 Plum Pink $4.50
JS029 Provincial Beige $4.50
JS030 Prussian Blue Hue $4.50
JS032 Pthalo Blue $4.50
JS033 Pthalo Green $4.50
JS700 Pyrrole Orange (NEW) $7.25
JS840 Pyrrole Red (NEW) $7.25
JS034 Raw Sienna $4.50
JS035 Raw Umber $4.50
JS611 Red Violet $7.25
JS037 Rose Pink $4.50
JS612 Sap Green $4.50
JS038 Sapphire $4.50
JS603 Skin Tone Base $4.50
JS039 Smoked Pearl $4.50
JS040 Storm Blue $4.50
JS041 Teal Green $4.50
JS042 Transparent Magenta $9.25
JS043 Turners Yellow $4.50
JS044 Ultra Blue Deep $4.50
JS045 Ultramarine Blue $4.50
JS046 Vermillion $4.50
JS047 Warm White $4.50
JS048 Titanium White $4.50
JS049 Yellow Light $4.50
JS050 Yellow Oxide $4.50
JS593 Yellow Deep $4.50
JS604 Unbleached Titanium $4.50
JS697 Yellow Green $4.50
JS698 Yellow Orange $4.50
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Jo Sonja Conversion chart

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