Ceramic Sticks

Solid 2″ x 3/32″ diameter ceramic abrasive sticks will fit directly into your rotary tool. Each end can be shaped (dressed) with our diamond honing Stick in much the same way as conventional texturing stones. Ceramic sticks will outlast conventional stones by many times – and when the edge wears down, you simply re-dress the stick, making it a bit shorter. Because they are uniform in diameter, they are absolutely vibration-free and they cut cleaner and smoother than any other texturing tool.
Ceramic sticks can be dressed down to a very fine point – much finer than any stone. Coarser grits work very well when shaped to a flame or point and used much like a ruby or diamond. Finer grits can be shaped to very small cylinders or tapers for extremely fine detail work.
Sticks can also be cut in half using a cut-off wheel, giving you 4 ends to shape instead of 2.

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