Ceramic Sticks



Dark Brown 600 grit

Blue 800 grit

White 1000 grit

Red 1200 grit

$22.95 Each

Solid 2″ x 3/32″ diameter ceramic abrasive sticks will fit directly into your rotary tool. Each end can be shaped (dressed) with our diamond hone #10343 in much the same way as conventional texturing stones. Ceramic sticks will outlast conventional stones by many times – and when the edge wears down, you simply re-dress the stick, making it a bit shorter. Because they are uniform in diameter, they are absolutely vibration-free and they cut cleaner and smoother than any other texturing tool.

Ceramic sticks can be dressed down to a very fine point – much finer than any stone. Available in 8 grits from #120 for delicate yet controlled wood removal (great for bills and eye areas) to #1200 for very fine texturing in softer woods like tupelo. Coarser grits work very well when shaped to a flame or point and used much like a ruby or diamond. Finer grits can be shaped to very small cylinders or tapers for extremely fine detail work.

Sticks can also be cut in half using a cut-off wheel, giving you 4 ends to shape instead of 2.