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Large Selection in stock


PAPER     SIZE         PRICE
A          8 ½ X 11       $3.75
B         11 X 17           $5.25
C         17 X 22          $8.25
D        22 X 34          $10.00
E        36 X 44          $17.00

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Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
538Blackbird, Redwinged (perching, flying -landing)C
838Blackbird, Redwinged (displaying)C
601Bluebird, Eastern (perching, flying-landing)C
833Bobolink (perching, flying-landing)C
607Bunting, Indigo (perching, flying-landing)B
2819XBunting, Painted (perching, flying-landing) 2/3 sizeA
606Bunting, Snow (Standing-flying-landing)C
935Cardinal (baby)A
544Cardinal Northern (perching, flying-landing)D
619Catbird (perching, flying-landing)C
519Chickadee, Black Capped (perching)A
584Chickadee, Black Capped (flying (landing) upside down)C
987XChicken, Leghorn Standing 1/2 sizeB
775Creeper, Brown (perching, flying-landing)B
773Crossbill, White Winged (perching, flying-landing)B
956Dove, Mourning (setting relaxed)A
949Finch, House (perching, flying-landing)B
554Finch, Purple (perching, flying-landing)B
553Flicker, Yellow Shaft (standing, flying (landing)D
575Flycatcher, Scissor Tailed (perching, flying-landing 1/2 sizeB
536Grosbeak, Evening (perching, standing)B
782Grosbeak, Pine (perching, flying-landing)C
 521 Hummingbird, Ruby Throat (perching flying (hovering) male and female on nest) B
919 Jay, Grey (perching)C
603Jay, Blue (perching, flying-landing)D
794Jay, Scrub (perching)B
734Jay, Steller’s (perching)C
586Junco, Slate Colored (perching, flying-landing)B
576Killdeer (Standing, flying (landing)D
992Killdeer (chick) standingA
814Kingfisher, Belted (hovering)C
592Magpie, Black-billed (perched )D
604Martin Purple (perching, flying-landing)C
566Meadowlark, Eastern (perching, flying-landing)C
802Nuthatch, Red Breasted (perching, flying-landing)B
549Nuthatch, White Breasted (on tree, flying-landing)B
561Oriole, Baltimore (perching, flying-landing)C
807Parrot, Toco Toucan perching 1/2 sizeB
947Phoebe, Eastern (perching, flying-landing)C
595Pigeon, Feral (Rock Dove) standingC
842Pigeon, Passenger (perching)C
520Redpoll perchingA
531Roadrunner runningD
563Robin (perching, flying-landing)C
821Sapsucker, Yellow Bellied (on tree flying-landing)C
915Shrike, Loggerhead perchingC
727Sisken, Pine (perching, flying-landing)B
954Sparrow, Chipping (perching, flying-landing)B
764Sparrow, House or English (perching, flying-landing)B
955Sparrow, Song (perching, flying-landing)B
617Sparrow, Tree (perching, flying-landing)B
995Sparrow, White Throated (perching, flying-landing)B
845Starling (perching)B
562Swallow, BarnC
612Tanager, Scarlet (perching, flying-landing)C
616Tanager, Western C
577Titmouse, Tufted (perching, flying-landing)B
793Towhee, Brown (standing)B
2830Warbler, Blk Throated Blue (perching)A
2875Warbler, Canada (perching)A
986Warbler, Yellow Rumper (perching)A
557Waxwing, Cedar (perching flying-landing)C
756Whip Poor Will (setting)B
2872 Woodpecker, Acorn (on tree flying-landing)C
615Woodpecker, Downy (perching)B
815Woodpecker, Hairy (on tree flying-landing)C
918Woodpecker, Ivory-billed (standing-on tree)C
510Woodpecker Pileated C
758Woodpecker, Red-headed (standing flying- landing)C
743Wren, Carolina (perching flying-landing)B
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Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
2856Auk, Great (extinct)D
 805 Avocet, American C
751Bittern, AmericanD
901Cormorant, Double Crested standingC
 988 Cormorant, double Crested RestingD
590Crane, SandhillC
 810Dunlin C
796XFlamingo, FeedingA
820XFlamingo, StandingA
972Frigate, GreatC
846Gannet, NorthernD
2929Guillemot, Black RestingB
 540 Gull, Herring standing C
579XGull, Herring ¼ sizeA
503Gull, Herring restingC
784Gull, Ring BilledC
 533 Heron, Great Blue 17″C
 2801 Jaeger, long-tailed standing C
783Knot, RedB
2823XMoorhen, Common 1/2 size walkingA
2935Murre, thick-Billed RestingC
738Pelican, BrownC
564Pelican, Brown 13”C
998Penguin, Emperor 13”C
2804Phalarope, RedB
529Plover, GoldenB
984Plover, PipingA
939Plover, SemipalmatedC
818Puffin, RestingB
767Puffin, Tufted RestingC
768Puffin, Tufted StandingC
991Razorbill standingC
 2931 Razorbill resting C
757Sandpiper, SpottedC
946Tern Common StandingB
777Tern, RoyalC
765Turnstone, RuddyB
543Yellowlegs LesserB
522Yellowlegs Lesser head downB
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Drawing #SpeciesPrice
1507Cane, bald eagle head$1.00
1502Carving Walking Stick$1.00
929Clown Classic Circus Style$2.50
924Dragon, deluxe large$8.00
908Duck Pin$2.50
903Father Christmas $2.50
1508Fur Carving & Burning$3.00
921Knight in Armor$5.25
906Loon Pin$2.50
907Shorebird Pin$2.50
1510Songbird Feet Worksheet$1.00
918Viking or Norsemen $5.25
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Singular name: Category:
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
 1605 Crab Blue (12″ including legs) C
1616Frog, Common LeopardA
1618XLobster (7″ long)A
1627Octopus (10” span)C
1613Seahorse 6″A
1620Snake, Corbra 8” hood spreadC
1620XSnake, Corbra 4” hood spreadA
1623Snake, Garter  22″A
1615XSnake, Timber Rattler (head only , mouth open 4″ long)A
1601XUnicorn (head & neck only 5″)A
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Singular name: Category:
A $3.75 B $5.25 C $8.25  D $10.00 E $17.00
Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
652Goose, Blue/Snow RestingD
621Goose Canada standing  ½ sizeC
692Goose Emperor Resting ½ sizeB
696XGoose Nene Resting ½ sizeA
667Goose, Ross’s restingC
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Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
391Grouse Ruffed StandC
381Partridge (chuckar) (standing)C
413Quail, Bobwhite (standing)B
438Quail, Gambels (standing)B
386Snipe, Common (standing)B
379Woodcock (standing tail spread)B
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Singular name: Category:
Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
1045Angelfish 6″ longB
1019Bass, Largemouth 12”B
1067Bass, Smallmouth 16”C
1011Bass, Striped 14″B
1014XManatee 8″ (with young, swimming)A
1027Perch, Yellow 12″C
 1061Salmon, Atlantic 18″  C
1009Seal, Harbor swim 10″B
1050Shark, White 13″B
1020Trout, Brook 14″C
1022Trout, Lake 12″B
 1013 Trout, Rainbow 14″  C
1030Turtle Eastern Box 4″ shellA
1073Turtle, Painted 7″C
1028Walleye, Pike 12”B
1035Whale, BulugaC
1040Whale, NarwaleC
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Singular name: Category:
Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00  Color $6.00
241Bufflehead (F)B
281Eider, Common (F)C
276Eider, Common (M)C
291Eider, King (F)C
286Eider, King (M)C
271Eider, Steller’s  (F)C
266Eider, Steller’s  (M)C
299Fulvous Tree DuckC
33Gadwall (F)C
25Gadwall (M)C
206Golden Eye American (M)C
211Golden-eye American (F)C
261Harlequin (F)C
256Harlequin (M)C
274Labrador Duck (D)C
269Labrador Duck (F)C
2Mallad Greenhead (M)C
17Mallard BlackC
20Mallard Black FlyingD
9Mallard,Greenhead  (F)C
321Merganser, American (F)C
316Merganser, American (M)C
311Merganser, Hooded (F)B
331Merganser, Red Breasted FC
326Merganser, Red Breasted MC
251Old Squaw (F)C
65Pintail (F)C
341Ruddy Duck (F)B
336Ruddy Duck (M)B
339Ruddy Duck Tail UpB
186Scaup, GreaterC
351Scoter (F) White wingedC
349Scoter (M) SurfC
346Scoter (M) White wingedC
121Shoveler, Northern (D)C
129Shoveler, Northern (F)C
184Smew (F)B
362Teal, Baikal (F)B
89Teal, Blue WingedB
90 colorTeal, Blue Wingedcolor
97Teal, Blue Winged (F)B
113Teal, Cinnamon (F)B
105Teal, Cinnamon (M)B
106 colorTeal, Cinnamon (M)color
47Teal, Falcated (M)B
74Teal, Gr Winged (M) StandC
74 colorTeal, Green wingedcolor
81Teal, Green WingedB
73Teal, Green Winged (M)B
75Teal, Green winged (M)C
279Teal, RingedB
143Woodduck (H)C
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Singular name: Category:
Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
850Coot (resting)B 
883XGrebe, Eared 2/3 size (resting)A 
865Grebe, Horned (resting on water)B 
877BGrebe, Western 1/2 size (resting)B 
869Loon Common & BabyD
853Loon Common (Preening)D 
854Loon Common (Resting) FullE
855Loon Common (Resting) Full sizeD
855Loon Common (Resting)14” longC
855XLoon Comon (Resting) 6” longA
892Loon, Red Throated (resting)D
898Swan MuteE
897Swan Whistling (whistling)D
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Songbirds (New check some come in colour )
Blackbird, Red Winged $6.00
Bluebird, Eastern $4.00

Bluebird, Eastern Colour $8.00
Bluebird, Eastern open wing $4.00
Bunting, Indigo $4.00

Cardinal, Northern (Male)  $4.00
Cardinal, Northern (Female) $4.00
Chickadee, Blk Capped $4.00

Chickadee, Blk Capped Colour $8.00
Creeper, Brown $4.00

Creeper, Brown Colour $8.00
Finch, House $4.00
Finch, Purple $4.00
Flycatcher, Great Crested $4.00

Flycatcher, Great Crested Colour $8.00

Flycatcher, Vermilion Colour $8.00
Goldfinch, American open wing $4.00

Goldfinch, American Colour $8.00
Grosbeak, Evening $4.00
Grosbeak, Rose Breasted $4.00
Jay, Blue $6.00
Junco, Dark Eyed $4.00

Junco, Dark Eyed Colour $8.00
Kinglet, Golden Crown $3.00
Nuthatch, Red Breasted $4.00
Oriole, Balitmore $4.00
Ovenbird $4.00
Redstart, American $4.00
Redstart, American Colour $8.00

Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied $4.00

Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied Colour $8.00
Sparrow, White Crowned $4.00

Sparrow, White Crowned Colour $8.00
Swallow, Barn $4.00

Swallow, Barn Colour With notes $8.00

Tanager, Scarlet $4.00
Tit, Eurasian Blue $4.00
Tit, Eurasian Blue Colour $8.00
Warbler, Blackburnian $4.00
Warbler, Blue Winged $4.00
Warbler, Prothonotary $4.00
Warbler, Yellow $4.00
Waxwing, Cedar $4.00
Woodpecker, Downy $4.00
Woodpecker, Downy Colour $8.00
Woodpecker, Red headed $6.00
Wren, Carolina $4.00

Wren, Carolina Colour $8.00


Birds of Prey
Hawk, American Kestrel $6.00
Hawk, Sharp Shinned $6.00
Pygmy Owl, Northern $4.00

Pygmy Owl, Northern Colour $8.00


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Drawing#Species                       Size


A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
518 Eagle Bald Full Standing D
508Eagle, Bald ¼B
933Eagle, Bald ½ sizeD
836Eagle, Bald 7 ½”B
610Eagle, Bald FamilyC
728Falcon, PrairieC
504 Falcon, PeregrineC
823Hawk, Broad-wingedC
911Hawk, CooperC
526Hawk, GoshawkD
2843Hawk, HarrisD
507Hawk, Kestrel AmericanC
501Hawk, Nighthawk commonC
545Hawk, Red-ShoulderedB
978Hawk, Red Tailed (full & 1/2 )B & D
831Hawk, Sharp ShinnedC
517XOsprey Flying 1/6 sizeA
785XOwl, Barred 1/3 sizeA
2855Owl, BorealC
732Owl, Burrowing StandingC
816Owl, ElfA
2847Owl, FlammulatedB
515Owl, Great HornedD
744Owl, Great HornedE
515XOwl, Great Horned 1/3 sizeA
942Owl, Northern SpottedC
772Owl, Saw-WhetB
514Owl, Saw-Whet PearchingB
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Singular name: Category:
Drawing #SpeciesPaper Size
A $3.75    B $5.25   C $8.25   D $10.00   E $17.00
1224Armadillo, 9 BandedB
1318XBear, Black Bear StandingA
1211Bear, Grizzly StandingD
1238XBear, Polar Bear WalkingA
1319Deer White Tailed FawnB
1316Deer White Tailed MaleB
1394Dog, Retreiver Lab Head only + duckC
1294Dog, Retreiver, LabradorC
1366Dog, Whippet 6” highC
1263XFox, RedA
1385Horse, QuarterC
1354Kangaroo, Red (F)C
1362Moose, Cow & CalfC
1378Ox, MuskC
1223XOxen 5”A
1331Panda GiantB
1379XRhino, Indian 5 ½”A
1432Squirrel, RedB
1290Squirrel GrayC
1403Weasel, short tailA
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