Carving Baja California Reef Habitat



At last, the book you’ve been asking for . . .Designed as the companion book to 6-Pack Baja California Reef Fish, this book has complete instructions for a variety of items that will enhance your Baja reef fish carving.Bob gives instructions for carving, painting, and installing an Encrusted Stony Coral, a White Gorgonian, Sulphur Sponge, Colonial Tunicate, White Sea Urchin, Yellow Spotted Star, and a Fluctuating Turban. He also tells you how he carves a reefscape base.

No more guesswork and uncertainty when it comes to choosing habitat. With just these few pieces, you have lots of combinations to choose from and you can carve with confidence, knowing your habitat is from the right reef!
30 pages. Spiral bound.  By Bob Berry