Cut Resistant Gloves



#6,  (1  only) #7 & #10 yellow with dot grippers on them   $10.95 Each

Excalibur Stainless Steel  #10 (1 only)  $14.95

This unique stainless steel core glove offers a high degree of cut resistance and hand protection plus a good grip and resistance to stains and odors. Note: Excalibur gloves are cut resistant but not cut proof or point puncture resistant. Made of 18% Stainless steel, 13% polyester and 69%

not gripers#7 $10.95 Each

Polar Knit (polar Bear Plus) #7  $26.95 Each   

Made of yarns that combine Spectra and other high-strength fibers, this glove provides superior protection against cuts and abrasions while being more comfortable than most stainless steel, cut resistant gloves.