Foredom Motor & Handpiece oil Hypodermic




The .25 ounces of oil in this hypodermic dispenser is high grade machine oil. The dispenser has a 1″ long needle with a rubber stopper cap. To dispense, the unit must be squeezed – it is not gravity fed.
Info for Lubricating Motors:
Current Foredom motors (not the shaft and sheath but the motor itself) should NEVER be lubricated. The following older models do require routine lubrication:
Series CC, DD and MM sleeve bearing motors
Series EE, GG, and MMG motors
Series R and RB motors

Info for Lubricating Handpieces:
Duplex spring handpieces (H.8D, H.10D, H.15D, H.18D, H.20D, H.52D, H.55D and H.56D) all require lubrications in the duplex spring component
H.10 Quick Change handpiece requires lubrication after first 2-3 months of use
H.15 Hammer handpiece requires periodic lubrication
H.55A and H.56A Angle handpieces require periodic lubrication