Realistic Dogs




Man’s best friend receives top-billing in Realistic Dogs by renowned dog artist and carver Jack Kochan. Written for intermediate to advanced carvers using power carving tools, Realistic Dogs will show readers how to capture the unique personality found in a variety of dog breeds. Readers will find detailed carving guidance for long-haired dogs, short-haired dogs and puppies, including step-by-step instructions for a few dogs. By providing thorough tips and techniques illustrated with clear, full-color photography this book gives power carvers a valuable tool to follow for carving these breeds. Plus, author Jack Kochan provides a thorough sampling of expertly illustrated patterns for some of the country’s top breeds, including: • Pointer • Greyhound • Boxer • Dalmatian • Great Dane • Golden Retriever • And more Whether a family pet or hunting companion, dogs hold a special place in our hearts, and have been a favorite subject of carvers everywhere. Readers will benefit from the author’s years of power carving experience with detailed instruction on all aspects of dog carving including anatomy, fur, tools, materials and finishing and will give the reader all the skills they need to become accomplished dog carvers.