Stump Burs


Carbide Stump Cutters have serrated knife-edge cutters that easily remove wood when applying light pressure and leave a smooth finish. They come in Coarse or Fine.  3/32 Shank

PF-137                                                         PF-138

DescriptionFine cat#PriceCoarse cat#Price
Inverted PearSB212-80F$15.00
Pear ShapeSB213-60F$12.75SB213-60C$ 9.75
Pear ShapeSB213-80F$15.00
Cylinder ShapeSB214-60F$12.75
Cylinder ShapeSB214-80F$15.00SB214-80C$12.00
Ball ShapeSB217-60F$12.75SB217-60C$ 9.75
Ball ShapeSB217-80F$15.00SB217-80C$12.00
Cylinder FinePF-137$15.75
Cylinder CoursePF-138$18.95