Wood burning with Cheryl Dow




$12.95 EACH

I have Book I  & Book III

There are instructions in the front of book, there is no individual text for each pattern. The majority of larger patterns only include outline and finished patterns, not a flow line pattern.

Cheryl Dow’s book I includes 14 different patterns: Raccoon, Wolf (full body), Squirrel, Owl, Barn Scene, Lighthouse, Fox & Barn (cover, shown here), Merganser, Pintail, Chickadee, Butterfly, Fawn, Moose, and her now famous “Wolf Head.” There are three versions of each pattern, complete with detailed instructions. The book contains a preface and instructions and includes how to use transparent oils to color your pyrography.

Cheryl Dow’s Book II has twelve large patterns are Iris, Naptime* (baby squirrel sleeping), Peony Singer (sitting on a flowers stem), Ship Ahoy (sail ship with lighthouse in background), Lighthouse landing, Little Gossip (two song birds on a flowering branch, facing), Eagle (looking over shoulder, standing on branch), Late Fall Debate (two patterns of Jay on a branch), Mama Cougar* (with cubs), Trillium Deer* (cover), Laying Wolves* (two, laying on a rock). Note: Patterns with an asterisk (*) have a flow line pattern included.