Category: Animals WG

Drawing #SpeciesPrice
1001Alligator, American$5.00
 1005-ABear, Black Standing$5.00
 1005-BBear, Black Walking$5.00
1005-CBear, Grizzly Walking$5.00
1005-DBear, Grizzly Standing$5.00
1005-EBear, Polar Bear Walking$5.00
1005-FBear, Polar Bear or Ice Bear Standing$5.00
1003Beaver $5.00
1006Bufflalo, American Bison Bull (Buffalo)$5.00
1008Cat, Domestic $5.00
 1077 Chipmunk $5.00
1016-ADeer, Whitetail Buck$5.00
1016-BDeer, Whitetail Doe$5.00
1058Dog, Beagle$5.00
1057Dog, Pointer/Setter$5.00
1060Dog, Springer Spaniel$5.00
1059Dog, Scottish Terrier$5.00
1017Dolphin, Leaping $3.00
1052Elephant and Calf$5.00
1080Fox, Red$5.00
 1041 Giraffe $5.00
1021Goat, Mountain$5.00
1072Horse, Heavy Horse “Percheron”$5.00
1071Horse, Heavy Horse “Shire”$5.00
1073Horse, Light Anglo Arab$5.00
 1054-BLion, Puma, Mountain Lion, Cougar Walking$5.00
1051Lion, African $5.00
1034-AMoose Bull$5.00
1034-CMoose Calf$5.00
1034-BMoose Cow$5.00
 1039Otter, River$5.00
1043Rhinocerose White$5.00
1047-ASheep, Bighorn $5.00
 1078Squirrel, Grey/black$5.00
1079Squirrel, Grey Squirrel/Red $1.75
1054-ATigar, Walking $5.00
1096Turtle , Eastern Box $5.00
1097Turtle, Green Sea$5.00
 1095Turtle, Painted $5.00
 508 Turkey, Wild $5.00
1038Whale, Orca Killer $5.00
 1050-AWolf, Timber $5.00
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