Woodcarving Noah’s Ark




Carving and Painting instructions for Noah, the ark and 14 pairs of Animals

by Shawn Cipa

As one of the most popular stories of the Bible, the legend of Noah and the Ark is passed from generation to generation. Now, with the expert guidance of acclaimed woodcarver Shawn Cipa, bring the story to life with a hand-carved set that will be cherished for generations. In Woodcarving Noah’s Ark, Cipa provides all the guidance needed to carve this folk art-inspired collection. First, follow his step-by-step carving and painting instructions for crafting Noah, the lion, and the ark. When these are complete, move on to the detailed patterns for creating Noah’s wife, 14 pairs of animals, and a majestic whale. Each project features helpful photographs and professional carving tips and techniques. As a bonus, an overview of Noah and the flood is included, to provide historical context and artistic reference as you carve this beautiful heirloom project.