Ball Stylus 99




F99.012 (1.2mm  3/64″)  F99.015 (1.5mm   1/16″ )      F99.020 (2.0mm 5/64″)

F99.012  = 3/64″ Steel ball on tip end for larger areas. The bigger the ball, the longer it takes to heat and cool for more even heat.
F99.015 = Ball Stylus 1.5mm – Fixed Tipped Pen. Steel ball fused onto this tip gives a perfect writing or burnishing point. Ideal for fine shading, writing, stippling, etc.

F99.020= 5/64″ Solid polished ball on tip end is great for shading, burnishing, writing or drawing.

Use of heavy duty cord is recommended. Razertip’s brass brush is perfect for cleaning these tips.