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Binding-post Interchangeable-tip Pen

The best interchangeable-tip pen in the world! Before the Razertip BPH, interchangeable-tip pens meant a compromise: either they used a wire-and-post system (like our earlier model ITH pen, no longer available), or you had to buy an expensive tip with a special molded plug (like Colwood) that was not rigid enough for precision work. Say goodbye to compromise!

The BPH is supplied with 3″ lengths of Heavy Duty, Standard, and Light Duty tip wire so you can make your own tip shapes (extra tip wire available below). Great for simple monograms, brands, or for those special tips that you may not use very often. Buy several BPH pens to save time changing tips – it’s always faster to change pens than tips. The BPH will also accept most interchangeable Razer-tips (it will be necessary to slightly spread the tip posts on tips made for the ITH pen).

The BPH is also the only pen made that lets you install two tips at once for perfect parallel lines or faster feather and hair texturing (higher heat setting will be necessary and a heavy-duty cord is recommended when using 2 tips). The BPH is cooler on your fingers than any other interchangeable-tip handpiece, and it’s built to last a lifetime.