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Issue #7 Carving Techniques, How Expressions can change the mood of your carving, Body Proportions, Woodburning for Carvers, Indian Face in Cottonwood Bark, Wood Spirit Bottle topper, Something Bugging your wood, A Rustic Sign, carving the Rose,

Issue#8 eye Techniques, Carving & Painting the Black-capped Chickadee, carving a caricature Santa, Owl Walking Stick, Carving Toothpick Chains, Carving Lessons Learned, Carving Hair on Caricatures, Santa Ornament,

Issue #9  Carving a Bear, Clay modeling for Carvers, Critters who live in Glass Houses, Carving a Willow Bowl, Carve a Dragonfly pin, Carving a outdoor sign,

Issue #10 Fan Carving, Clay Sculpture for carvers, 2004 International Carver’s Conference, Caricatures with Character, Making tools & Supplies, Designing a Carving for a Demonstration, Novice nibbling’s, How to Carve a Christening Spoon,

Issue #11  Making an antique working spoon using modern power tools, carving a bunny, carving uncle sam, Sharpening What’s your angle, Caricature Rock a Bill, Novice Nibblings, making tools & Supplies

Issue #12  Santa Gallery, Carving a Dove in Relief, Caricatures with Character, carving a Tuna in ice, Carving a pumpkin Head, Carving  Coral Fish, Under santa’s hat, Carving a Shallow Relief,

Issue #13 carving a hummingbird pin, Cheryl Dow woodburning a raccoon, Sharpening, carving a Leprechaun,

Issue #16 Carving a Holly Davidson ornament, The doorways to Woodcarving with Ivan Whillock, No more flat Faces , Carving a heron, Step by Step Woodburning Lesson, Fireplace Mantel Carving part 3, Novice Nibblings, Shelf Sitter Critters,

Issue #18  Red-tailed hawk -tail feather carving & Painting, carving a Rascally Raiders Toothpick holder, freehand welcome sign,  carving Cottonwood Bark a native American Mesa structure

Issue #19 Practice Carving From the Corner part 1 by Ivan Whillock, 38 Name tags by will hayden, Chipmunk With an Acorn, Novice Nibblings, Incense Burner, Depth of Relief by Joe Dillett, Carving First Catch, Carving Uncle Sam,

Issue #21  Acantus Carving by Ivan Whillock, Drawing for Woodcarvers, Caricature Bark Turtle, Carefree Cagers (basketball player), Sharpening 101, Chubby Cheeks Kitty, Carving Caricature Lips, Hummingbird Feeder,

Issue #23 Grape Panel by Ivan Whillock, Carving Pirate Caricature, Sharpening Carving Knives, Woodspirit Door Hanger, Bellamy Style Eagle, Quick Pattern Transfer, Painting the Howling Wolf, Carving Clifford the Potbellied Bear,

Issue #24  Snowman Relief, Five Foot Santa, Carving a Knothead, Understanding Color, The Friendly Fawn, Carving Bark House in the Round, Portrait Carving, Choosing the Right Finish, Santa Shelf Sitter, Sharpening Gouges & Veiners,

Issue #31  Relief the old log cabin, the four basic knife cuts, the hedgehog, cool spool faces, the hobo, Peeking mouse,

Issue #42  Vaulting relief, the magical fairy, carving the celtic knot, Caribou, egg and dart molding, twelve days of christmas part 2 woodburning

Issue #43 Oak Leaves relief, smallmouth bass, sandpaper as a carving tool, chip carving techniques, the ol’ outhouse, twelve days of christmas part 3 woodburning,

Issue #45  relief ol’ barn road, Marv’s faces, Woodburning king of the forest, chip carved domino set, sandy’s santa carving

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