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Volume 2   Basics of sharpening, carving a soap whale, Swirling spool ball-in-cage, carving a whimsey ornament, five balls in a cage, carving a boot, working wooden pliers, whittling moravian star ornaments, whittling lovespoons, carving interlocking hearts, whittling a branch rooster, American eagle walking stick, Farmyard animal patterns, carving a tiny hippo, carve your first wood spirit, whittling a gnome, whittling a nuthatch, making miniature gargoyles

Volume 3 Same as Volume 4

Volume 4  Impossible Dovetail Puzzle, Spiral Icicle ornament, Ball in Cage rattle, Introducing potato Wood, Soap Zoo animals, Whittle twig tree, caricature Snowman, whittling a pelican, Pencil Wood spirits, Hand hewn Wooden Cup, Carving a angel, Unicorn Letter opener, teddy bear Ornament, Mocha Mary, Celtic Knotwork, Ozark Caricature Pin, Bark Pine Trees

Volume 5 10 minute Dogs, best ever Blade Cover, Skulk of foxes, luring you on, Creating a Folding Cross, stick horses and other twig animals, carving a big cat, Whittle a baby elephant, hatching a hedgehog, one twig owls, super simple santa, Doggone cute pugs, smooth Fox, whittle dwarfs, whittling a eagle, simple songbird, angel ornament, ball in a ball ,

Volume 7 23 one-knife projects, classic Lumberjack, Celtic Knot Letter opener, Alaskan fisherman, Avocado Pit Owl, Simple Snowmen, Caricature Vampire, Balancing Birds, Sitting Squirrel, Flat Plane Cat, Lumberjack, Tiny Unicorn, bird in a cage, Snowman Ornament, feather Pendant, Carving a human Figure.

Volume 8 Basic Knife Cuts, Whittling Safety, knife selection, Basics of Sharpening, Comfortable Carving, Heart in a Cage Whimsey, easy carve magnets, avocado Pit cat, thoughtful angel, clover chain, Polar bear and cub, soap penguin, Sven the Sailor, leaping Fox, santa ornament, one knife spoon, sliding ball in cage

one only Whittling magazine Special Edition 2014 used $9.95  Norwegian Style wooden chain, Impossible dovetail puzzle, Stompin’ boot ornament, Introducing potato wood, quick campfire fork, XO Chain, Ozark caricature pin, Bark pine tree, Make your own monster, Pencil wood spirits, whittling a pelican, teddy bear ornament, Unicorn letter opener, carving an angel, hand hewn wooden cup