Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Magazines




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Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Volume Two 29 projects– Sleigh Bell Santa  (pattern painting and finishing), Saint Nicolas lights the way (pattern painting & finishing), Carving a Fusion Santa, chip carve Pincone ornaments, Candy cane santa ornament, Carving hanging santa ornament, Mother and child ornament pattern , Relief carved Santa ornament (pattern & painting), Creative Toy Block ornaments, Handcarving a traditional Santa ornament, Carving and Painting Snowmen, Carving a stylized Chickadee pin, making an elegant Wooden Box, Polar bear Pattern, Carving a poinsettia egg, making a Coffee Scoop

Hand Carved Holiday Gifts 39 Projects -Power Carve a miniature cardinal pin, Noah’s Ark Santa pattern, Weight Watcher Santa pattern, Power Carve a Folk art santa, Flat plane Santa pattern, Special Delivery Santa pattern, Carvomg a Santa in motion, Carve  a Christmas Candy Dish, Create a playful Chris-Moose Ornament, Christmas puppy ornament pattern, Christmas elf Ornament, Chip Carve delicate icicle ornaments, Folk Art Santa ornaments, Christmas cookie ornaments, Geometric Chip-Carved ornaments, Patterns Relief Carve Santa ornaments, Candy Cane Squirrel ornament, Hanging on Santa Ornament