Wildfowl Carving




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Winter 1990 Reference Bobwhite Quail, Part 2 carving & painting service class pintail, Keeping your flexible shaft Power Carver working, adding texture with oil paints, Painting an english sparrow

Summer 1990 Molding Leaves, Soft Feathers Texturing, Sketching Birds, Carving a Low-head Green Winged Teal, Marbled Godwit Painting Instructions.

Fall 1990  Painting A Teal, Reference Photos Oldsquaw, Soft Feathers Painting, Tufted Titmouse part 1 pattern and start carving

Winter 1991 Todd Wohlt interview with the 21 year old who wont he world, Reference Brown Pelican, Bering Sea Pirates part two Larry Barth, Tufted Titmouse Texturing part 2

Spring 1991 Bering Sea Pirates Part three finishing and Painting, Lesser or Greater Scaup which is which, Tufted Titmouse Painting,

Winter 1992 Pictures of Dowitchers, Pat Godin (painting the complex color schems of the Blue-winged teal, texturing a merlin,

Spring 1992  Making Rocks, Band sawing made simple part I, Redhead pictures, pattern Western Kingbird & Lonnie Dye Carving part I,

Summer 1992  Band Sawing made simple part II, Western Kingbird part II painting, Hen Green Wing carving Part I, making Molds, making hedge Bindweed part I

Fall 1992  Making Hedge Bindweed part II , Hen Green Wing part II, Bald Eagle Curtis Badger, Bills and eyes  mallard drake Curtis Badger, casting Carvings,

Summer 1993 Creating the Curve making the third view from a two-view pattern, A shore thing Carving and painting a trio of Dunlins, Mallard Tail Curls part one, American Avocet a close-up view of the graceful Shorebird

Winter 1994 four of a kind an eye on eiders from common to king, California Quail Bust, Long-Eared Owl a start to finish demonstration featuring Keith Mueller Part one, The Chincoteague tradition an island unto itself by Curtis J Badger

Spring 1994 Wildfowl carving in miniature, Long-Eared Owl Part Two Keith Muellers painting techniques, Masterwork Gallery: Southern Charm jett Brunet’s green winged teal hen, old technologies preserving the methods of yesteryear, Great Blue Heron Photographs.

Fall 1994 Baby Chicks Part one measurements, patterns and tips for the carving baby birds, Gnome of Owl dom in search of the saw-whet owl, Springtime Color painting a ruddy turnstone, Barbara Nelson Sculpture by design, casting water making waves with plastics, canvasback pattern.

Winter 1995 Brant Basics with painting, ruddy duck pictures, painting Wigeon drake, Baby Chicks part II, A finishing tech. that will enhance any carving, Mysterious Airbrush Part II painting a bufflehead decoy.

Spring 1995  Avian Anatomy, Carving a Fiddler Crab, Creole Carvers, Flight School Ernie Muehlmatt creates a group of prairie falcon chicks, Smooth Oldsquaw painting demo illustrates creating texture with paint.

Summer 1995 Wood Duck Head part one, Cinnamon teal family part one painting the hen, Ducks in the balance hollowing and weighing a working decoy, Heads up part one

Fall 1995  Wood duck head part two, Heads up part two, Cinnamon teal family part two painting drake, Hot times and cool tips burning tips and techniques, Bob Brown Carving in context and painting Techniques

Winter 1996  Least Tern Decoy pattern, Making tern decoys, Canvas decoys, Cinnamon teal family part III, California Quail pictures, Milling your own blocks,

Spring 1996 Feather inserts, the artists signature, Attaching the Head, Turned head Sleepers, Painting Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Home drying, Green Heron pictures,

Summer 1996 Carving order and process, Painting an American Kestrel Step-by-step, Sanderling pattern, Finessing the flow doing insertions, Northern Shoveler pictures, The Avian Leg and foot, Turned Head Sleepers carving the decoy, Art for a park part I

Fall 1996  Painting the Black Duck Drake, Turned Head Sleepers part III, Baltimore Oriole pictures, Carving a Blue Jay Part I, Art for a park Part II carving an in flight Great blue heron,

Winter 1997  Harris Hawk Pattern & Carving Harris Hawk Part I, Painting a Blue Jay Part II, Art for a Park III Painting the Great Blue Heron, Common Goldeneye pictures,

Spring 1997 Create a Mallard Speculum Feather, Painting Complex Feathers woodock & Bobwhite Scapulars, Northern Saw-Whet Owl Text and Pattern by Jeffrey Whiting, Woodcock pattern, Those Magnificent Raptors its all in their heads, Miniature Harris Hawk Painting, Waterbird Feet and legs,

Summer 1997 A Bird’s Feathers (types and Parts of feathers illustrated and explained), Black-capped Chickadee Part I Laura Lucio, Gyrfalcon Pictures, Black-capped Chickadee and Ruddy Duck Drake patterns, Magnificent Raptors Part II, The Raucous Ruddy Part I Carving.

Fall 1997  Easy to make Black Scoter cork decoy project, Black-capped Chickadee Part II painting, green heron pattern, Setting eyes for the future, The Raucous Ruddy Part II Detailing, Hooded Merganser pictures, The inscrutable Green heron Carving Part I,

Winter 1998  Carving Mallard Tail Curls, Inside Job Hollowing a decoy, Barn Swallow reference, pattern and color guide, the  Raucous Ruddy part 3 painting, The inscrutable green heron painting part 2, Before and after with sprankle the trio of ibis, Part one service class avocet project with del herbert

Summer 1998  Blue-winged Teal Hen Project part 2, Strong Necks & bills, Planning a Common Loon, Allure of Tropical Birds Macaws and Toucans make unusual Carvings, Songbird Head Portraits, Songbird Legs and feet, the far-flying Brant with pattern, Tools from other trades,

Spring 1999 an airbrush can work for your Passche AB, Hunting decoy Part II, Scaup Hen project Part I, Wild Spirit a portrait of the common loon

Fall 1999 Decorative Tundra Swan Part one, Hunting Decoy Part Four, Feather Close-up, Atlantic Puffin Project Part Two, Miniature Wild Turkey Part one

Spring 2000   Yellow-shafted Flicker painting notes, superstructure secrets, pictures of bay-winged hawk, Open pintail bill carve an open bill from one piece of wood, pintail drake pattern

Summer 2000  Roseate Spoonbill carve and paint and 1/2 size pattern, working with cottonwood, Refining the basics, Scarlet Tanager pictures, pattern and few painting tips, head lines with mallard head

Fall 2000  Tertials step by step, Gray Phase Screech owl painting and Screech owl pattern, Roseate & Common Tern pattern, Roseate & Common Tern restoration Decoys carving and painting tips, burning systems put to the test, Substratum Coot pattern

Winter 2001  Basic Bufflehead Step by Step,  part one Carolina Wren & pattern, about micro grinders, More Feather Close-ups, Reference Belted Kingsfisher with painting tips, Painting the Mallard Speculum for a smoothie, Black Epoxy, Lower Bill Attachment,

Spring 2001  How to use Photos for carving, Part 2 Carolina Wren, Yellow Rail reference & painting tips, Texturing a Black Duck, basic Repairs, Flex Shaft Machines,

Summer 2001  Painting Hen Feathers, Part 1 Traditional Gadwall Hunting Decoy carve the head, Great Horned Owl by Scholz carve the imposing owl + pattern, Owls a behind the scenes peek by scholz, reference Pied-billed Grebe with painting tips, Dust Collectors,

Fall 2001 Texturing, Great horned owl part 2, Carve & paint an antique Style decoy goldeneye + pattern, Traditional Gadwall hunting Decoy part 2 carve the body, Black Capped chickadee reference and painting tips, Audacious American wigeon with pattern,

Winter 2002 The Audacious American Wigeon part two, Traditional Gadwall Hunting Decoy painting techniques, Northern Goshawk reference, pattern & color guide, Handpieces, Head and Neck joints,

Spring 2002 wood duck family by Bill Veasey with pattern, Hen Puddle duck Painting, Article on Green winged Teal reference

Summer 2002   Feather Color Transitions, Semipalmated Plover painting part 2, Wood Duck Family painting part 2, Contemporary pintail pattern and carving, Carolina Wren reference and color guide,

Fall 2002  Fixes and tips for feather Dilemmas, Practice makes perfect airbrushing exercises, extinct birds of north america,  Pattern & Painting a mallard hen, Colors and paint, Carving a Canvasback in soap, Fool hens grouse of the woods reference, pattern and color guide,

Summer 2003 Red-breasted Merganser part three, Mountain Bluebird Painting notes, Northern White Cedar Brant Carve the decoy, Miniature Waterfowl Sculpture

Winter 2004 Paint the evening grosbeak with pattern, Yellow-throated Warbler part 2 shape the bird, Pintail Hen and chick with pattern, Black-bellied Whistling Duck Bust painting the head, Canada Goose painting information, measurements and pictures, Raptor eyes make your own

Summer 2004 Yellow-throated Warbler Part 4 painting, Western Tanager Painting notes, Snowy owl pictures, pattern and measurements, Northern Shoveler Drake carve and paint a hunting decoy, service class northern Phalarope part one shaping, detailing hen head feathers

Fall 2004 Phalarope painting, Kingfisher carving, Yellow-throated warbler part 5 painting continued. Artistic Design and composition part one keith Mueller

Winter 2006 Carving an American Robin on a Base of Cedar, Painting Drake Canvasback, Eastern Gobblers reference, Carving Miniature Pintails

Summer 2006 Northern Oriole Painting notes, Pied-Billed Grebe part 1, pattern and color guide American Kestrel , Ring-necked Hen Decoy carve and paint, legs and feet of the purple Gallinule.

Summer 2007  Adhesives 101, Autumn Harvest (hunter’s mount) Out of the Wood woodduck with Jason Lucio,  Reference Red-winged Blackbird + pattern and color guide, Painting Wigeon Drake, Babies make Three with Ernie Muehlmatt,

Spring 2018 Black Duck Decoy is easy to carve, American Crow Paint, Hand Painted Kingfisher

Summer 2019 A Bufflehead Tweener carving, Roseate Spoonbill reference, Habitat for a common redpoll

Fall 2019 Hooded Oriole Painting, Sanderling Carving & feather painting, Cork Mallard, Bufflehead Tweener Painting, Purple Martin reference

Summer 2021  Cactus Wren painting Tips and pattern, Black Duck from the Jersey Shore part one carving and 75% life size New Jersey black duck, Carving Snow Bunting and pattern part one, Demonstration brothers of the blade, part one rich and ross smoker a rosy billed pochard carving & pattern 90% life Size, painting a cork pintail hen, Downy and red-headed woodpeckers as decoys